3 Accessories to Pair with Wheelchairs

Woman sitting in a wheelchair at home

People who use mobility devices or live with people who do are often worried about the limitations and problems caused by wheelchairs.

To address this valid concern, many products have been developed in the last few years. These products make life easier for wheelchair users and their caregivers and ensure safety.

Keep reading this article to learn more about some accessories you can pair with a wheelchair.

Accessory # 1: Arm Pads

One of the biggest issues a wheelchair user faces is resting their arms on hard surfaces. Issues like cubital tunnel syndrome and other such problems can be caused by resting hands and arms on hard surfaces for a long time.

This is where arm pads come into play. A pair of comfortable arm pads provides the wheelchair user with a soft and cushion-like surface to rest their arms on.

Arm pads also allow for easy cleanups and, depending on the material, are long-lasting as well.

Accessory # 2: Wheelchair Seatbelt

Most people who use wheelchairs and those who care for wheelchair users can confirm that one of their biggest concerns is fall risk.

Most of the senior citizens and those differently-abled individuals who have low energy levels or can’t control their body movements are at a much higher risk of falling from their wheelchairs and injuring themselves.

With the right kind of wheelchair seatbelts, you can prevent accidents and injuries. Try investing in seatbelts that resemble the lock strap of a backpack as they’re much easier to use.

You can also get seatbelts that lock like that of a car’s seatbelts. However, keep in mind that different seatbelts are used in a manual wheelchair and a power wheelchair.

a pair of wheelchair arm pads

Accessory # 3: Backrest Carry Pouch

It can get hard to carry stuff when you’re in a wheelchair, as carrying and managing a handbag or a backpack can be very cumbersome.

However, a backrest carry pouch can be one of the smartest accessories you can add to your wheelchair. It allows the user as well as the caregiver to store all sorts of products in the carry pouch.

The carry pouch is easy to remove or attach to the hooks of the wheelchair.

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