3 Must-Have Accessories for Limited Mobility Individuals

individual on a wheelchair having a good time with his friends

Individuals who are limited to their beds and wheelchairs face difficulty in every aspect of their life. They need help in eating, moving, going to the bathroom, and even lying down. They stay dependent on the people around them. However, assistive devices can help persons with disabilities and make their lives easy.

This blog will list different assistive devices that are extremely important for people who have limited mobility.

Accessory#1: Over Bed Tables

Overbed tables are rectangular tables attached to a patient’s bed and provide a surface for food trays and personal items like mobile phones, books, or computers.

They can be levelled as per the patient’s need and therefore is an important accessory that can help individuals with limited mobility stay at their place and enjoy their meals.

Accessory#2: Back Rest Extension

It is a unique accessory that can be attached or permanently installed at the top of a wheelchair. A backrest extension provides comfort as a person can extend their neck and relax for a while.

Furthermore, it provides support to the neck and helps in treating any kind of back or neck pain.

girl sitting on a wheelchair with accessories

Accessory#3: Seat Cushion for Wheelchairs:

Seat cushions are essential accessories that a patient needs. Due to sitting in the same chair the whole day, individuals with limited mobility might face some uncomfortable situations and painful problems.

To avoid these situations, make sure to buy a seat cushion that suits the user. They come in different shapes and sizes, and it is important to determine the size which is best for you.

Seat cushions not only offer comfort but also provide safety.

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