3 Reasons to Buy a Rollator

A senior citizen walking with the help of a rollator

Rollators are an interesting innovation; they don’t just help our elderly and disabled loved ones move around but give them the freedom to walk anywhere they want without fatigue or tiredness

These 3 or 4 wheeled frames help people balance, and you won’t have to worry about them falling when walking on their own.

Read on to know why you should get a rollator and how beneficial it would be for you.

Reason#1: Portable

One of the biggest features and advantages of a rollator as compared to other products is its portability.

The interesting design of this tool allows it to fold into a smaller size which helps us keep it with us whenever we are travelling or moving around; it can even fit easily in the trunk of a car.

Even the cords and wires for the brakes are hidden so that they don’t create a hassle whenever someone tries to fold the rollator.


Reason#2: Adjustable Heights

The rollator comes with an option to adjust to different heights as per the height of the user.

This means that no one will have to worry about not being able to use this simple yet effective device.

Woman reading a newspaper while using a rollator

Reason#3: Hand Brakes

One of the biggest concerns of such users is that the device might move forward and not stop whenever the user wants it to, which can be a very frightening thought for people who have to use such support devices to do a basic task such as walking.

However, rollators come with installed handbrakes, which stop with a slight push of the lever installed on the top of the device, exactly in a position where the user is comfortable

These rollators sometimes also include parking brakes which apply brakes indefinitely until the user releases the brakes and starts moving again. This feature is also really helpful in cases where the user wants to leave their rollators in a certain spot.


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