3 Tips for Choosing and Using a Cane

According to a 2015 study, around 9.6% of American citizens over the age of 50 use a cane or walking stick. Most of these cane users are 65 years old or older, making them highly prone to disbalance and injuries. However, a cane can act as an affordable substitute for a lightweight wheelchair, especially for people who are disabled, old, or have minor injuries.


Canes allow users to participate in daily life activities, but choosing the right cane is necessary to achieve that. Here's how elderly people can choose and use a cane.

A senior citizen using a cane to walk alongside a dog

Consult a Physician

Mobility aid manufacturers develop many types of canes, but how can you ensure that you're using the type that suits your condition? The answer is simple: consult a physician. They can tell you what type of cane you should purchase and use. Moreover, they can also guide you about reputable sources for buying a cane.

Size Your Cane

One of the most important steps of buying a cane is to size it beforehand. If you select a cane that's too long, you'll find it challenging to pick it up or walk with it. In addition, using a cane that's too short will require you to bend forward while using it, negatively affecting your posture and balance. We understand that selecting a cane is nothing less than an investment; this is why buying the right-sized cane should be a priority for you. Here are some ways to ensure that the cane's size is right.

  • Ensure that the cane comes up to the hip bone level at your upper thigh.
  • Hold a cane so that your elbow is bent at an estimated twenty-degree angle.
  • Always hold the cane in the opposite hand to the leg or foot that's disabled, injured, or weak.

Ensure Your Cane Has Additional Features

While you can select a basic cane, we recommend making life easier by picking up one with innovative features. For instance, we suggest selecting a cane with a good grip handle to reduce stress on your joints. Moreover, your cane should be made with a durable material so that it lasts a long time. You can also discuss getting additional features like a taking-break seat in a cane with your physician.

A cane standing in a living room

With the right cane, you can improve your posture and balance while actively participating in daily life activities. At Fatima Mobility, we have many mobility products on sale, where you can buy a cane based on your requirements. Moreover, you can also buy wheelchairs or outdoor rollators.


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