3 Tips for Wheelchair Safety

Wheelchairs help users move around independently and are a great mobility aid for the disabled, the elderly, and the sick. However, these ultra-lightweight wheelchairs also come with a huge responsibility. Wheelchair users or attendees must ensure that a wheelchair doesn't hurt the person using it or the people around.

Here are some tips for wheelchair safety.

Person using a lightweight wheelchair outdoors

Use Wheelchair Brakes When Needed

One of the most important wheelchair safety tips is to apply wheelchair brakes when shifting into and out of a wheelchair. Before trying to sit in a wheelchair, ensure that you've applied the brakes and wheel locks. This keeps the wheelchair secure, preventing it from moving when a disabled, elderly, or injured person is trying to sit in it.

If you don't apply the brakes, the wheelchair will continuously move, increasing the risk of injury for the user. Moreover, if your wheelchair doesn't have built-in wheel locks or breaks, you can buy some lever and brake extensions to make your wheelchair safer.

Ensure that the Pathway is Clear

While sitting in a wheelchair and moving around, a wheelchair user or the attendee should ensure that the pathway ahead is clear. The pathway shouldn't have small loose items that could get stuck in the wheelchair's wheel, affecting its movement. Moreover, large obstacle can also damage wheelchairs.

Moreover, wheelchair users should ensure that doorways and pathways are wide enough for their wheelchair to pass through.

Use a Wheelchair Safety Belt

The primary concern of the wheelchair safety guide is to ensure that the already disabled, elderly, or sick person in the wheelchair doesn't sustain any more injuries. For this purpose, we recommend using an accessory like a wheelchair safety belt to keep the user safe. A safety belt fastens the wheelchair user to the wheelchair seat, preventing them from falling forward or out of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair user on a mountain

With a wheelchair safety belt, wheelchair users can easily move about without worrying about falls or injuries. At Fatima Mobility, our mobility products collection includes wheelchair safety belts that keep wheelchair users safe. Moreover, you can also buy more advanced folding wheelchairs for better protection.


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