4 Advantages of a Lightweight Wheelchair

an empty wheelchair

A wheelchair is a chair fitted with wheels for people who cannot walk. The first wheelchair was made in 1665 by Stephan Farfel. Since then, a lot of changes and modifications have been made in the making of wheelchairs. Now you can find different types of wheelchairs, for example, transport wheelchair, lightweight wheelchair, heavy-duty wheelchair, and folding ultra-light wheelchair. However, every type offers different benefits.

Here are some advantages of a lightweight wheelchair.

Benefit#1: Easy Transportation

The foldable frame of a lightweight wheelchair makes the chair light and easy for putting in a car or taking it up or down the stairs.

A lightweight wheelchair can be transported anywhere very easily because they input a lightweight even if they are heavy.

Benefit#2: Come with Multiple Features

Lightweight wheelchairs come with many features, for example, leg rests, arms rests, and safety features. These features are installed to make the users more comfortable.

Leg rest is a good and convenient feature as it helps the user keep their legs in a comfortable position. Furthermore, armrests also provide a sense of ease when the user is sitting at a table or a desk.

Benefit#3: Allows Self-movement:

Lightweight wheelchairs have large wheels at the back, which makes it easy to move in a specific direction.

Because of their weight, the wheels, when pushed even lightly, make it easy to move even in a small space. This self-propulsion feature makes the movements smoother and more accurate.

girl sitting on a wheelchair

Reduces Dependency

Chained to a wheelchair means asking for help every time you want something or want to move. However, lightweight wheelchairs can reduce your dependency on the people around you because it is easy to move, and comes with different accessories like drink holders.

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