4 Benefits of a Lift Chair

A motorized power lift chair is an electric recliner that facilitates the user in sitting down and standing up from their chair. A lift chair doesn't just do most of the work for you but also assures your safety and comfort and allows you to sit in the chair without any hassles.

Today, we'll be going over the benefits of having a lift chair and what to look for when buying one.

Minimizes Strain 

It can be challenging and risky for the elderly, disabled, and those recovering from injury to get in and out of a chair. A lift chair helps lower the strain experienced while standing up or sitting down through the lift and recline function. 

The motors on these chairs help lift a person up and out of the chair.

Woman standing between a man and a woman in wheelchairs

Blood Circulation

While reclining, the leg elevation provides the optimal body position to improve blood circulation throughout the body. Here, a lift chair can lower the likelihood of varicose veins in the legs and swelling from fluid retention.

The foot elevation and recline features in some chairs can raise the feet 3 to 4 inches above the heart for best results. In this position, your feet will feel lighter and more relaxed. This allows any built-up pressure in the veins to lessen, thereby relieving any discomfort.

Facilitates Recovery

These lift chairs are especially handy for anyone recovering from surgery or injury by minimizing pain while standing up or sitting down. Such physical activity can be painful and difficult for any patient with a cast, brace, or sutures.

The ergonomic design offers several comfortable positions and allows you to get in and out of your chair without depending on anyone.

Caretaker helping a person holding a stress ball

Better for Caretakers

Not only does the lift chair reduce strain on your body, but your caretaker's body too. Helping a patient in and out of bed can cause strain on the caretaker's back. The caregiver can suffer from joint fatigue and muscle strain trying to help you move.

The lift chair minimizes their effort in supporting your weight.

With a lift chair, there's little need for someone to help you stand up or sit down while minimizing the risk of strain and falling.

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