4 Benefits of Lightweight Wheelchairs

With innovative technology, wheelchair manufacturers are introducing new mobility devices, making life easier for people with disabilities. One such remarkable innovation is a lightweight transport wheelchair, which improves mobility for thousands of disabled people worldwide.

Here are the benefits of shopping a lightweight wheelchairs.

A person exploring the mountainside in a lightweight wheelchair

Allows Disabled People to Be More Independent

Are you looking for a mobility option that gives you more freedom and control over your daily life? If yes, lightweight wheelchairs are the right choice! Since this wheelchair is portable, you can easily place it in a car or on public transport, and move without any supervision. In addition, you can also personalize lightweight wheelchairs according to your requirements.

Allows Better Movement

How often do you have to call someone for help because you can’t maneuver your wheelchair through a small, cramped-up space? That happens more than you would like to admit, so you should switch to a lightweight wheelchair. A lightweight wheelchair has large wheels on the back, making the wheelchair easy to propel.

In addition, the wheelchair also reacts to lighter touches, and you can quickly move it in compact spaces. You can easily and swiftly maneuver your lightweight wheelchair in any direction.

Easy to Store

Are you tired of dedicating huge storage spaces to large wheelchairs? Take things up a notch and move to a lightweight wheelchair. You won’t have to worry about making storage space again! Just fold a lightweight wheelchair and place it anywhere it will fit. You can retrieve it when you want to travel or get outside the house.

Better Comfort

If you use your wheelchair for extended periods, you should know that comfort is vital. Buy a comfortable wheelchair that is lightweight, portable, and easy to maneuver.

With nicely-padded seats and leg rests, you get a comfortable experience. In addition, you can also make certain upgrades to enhance your wheelchair. Extra padding for the armrests and seat and anti-tip guards for added security can make your wheelchair even better – and who doesn’t want that?

A child athlete using a lightweight transport wheelchair 

With a lightweight wheelchair, you can better control your life and mobility! At Fatima Mobility, we have a collection of lightweight transport wheelchairs for everyone who strives to find easy to use mobility products. Buy our lightweight transport wheelchair today.