4 Kinds of Rollators and What You Should Know About Them

A rollator is a mobility product that makes it easier to move around. It has wheels and side handles that one may hold on to with their hands or use as armrests. Individuals, who have difficulties walking, as well as those who have arthritis or other impairments, typically use rollators.

Although there are many different types of rollators available in the market, careful thought is required.. This blog will discuss different types of rollators and the benefits of these mobility products.

Two-Wheel Rollator

A two-wheel rollator is a walking aid that has two front wheels but no back wheels. These rollators are designed for those with limited mobility, the ones who can't walk fast enough. At times gliders on the rear legs of the walker are recommended so that the user does not have to elevate the rollator on every step they take. They offer you more stability and improve your posture.


Three-Wheel Rollator. 

Three-wheel rollators are also an excellent option for individuals with restricted mobility, those who need support when walking. They have the benefit of being smaller than regular rollators, allowing them to be used easily in narrower spaces.

Many come with a seat attached to them which also helps the user, providing them with the option to sit down when tired. Three-wheel rollators feature one rotating front wheel and two rear wheels.

Four-Wheel Rollator

A four-wheel rollator is one with four wheels rather than two. It's the finest solution for anyone who wants to increase their mobility but lacks the power or stability to push or pull. It features four wheels to keep it stable when gliding, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It also includes a comfortable seat for sitting or resting when users get tired. They offer more assistance than three-wheel rollators.

. Stander-rollator, bariatric-rollator, or rollz-motion-rollator are good examples of four-wheel rollators.

A Four-wheel rollator in grey color


Rollators are excellent mobility products for people with limited mobility. They're affordable, simple to use, and can help most people get out of their homes on their own. Fatima Mobility offers a wide range of mobility products. Whether you are looking for rollators or a wheelchair, we can help you out with knowledgeable service. Check out our website to shop for rollators online or contact us for more information.