4 Most Wheelchair Accessible Sports

Not only do sports make you strong, but also keep you healthy for an extended period. However, for a majority of wheelchair users, participating in sports may sound impossible.

If you’re longing for athletic competitions, you’ll be glad to know that there are several sports you can still participate in. With new wheelchair designs, like the foldable lightweight power wheelchair, sports activities have become much more accessible for everyone.

So, let’s discuss a few of these sports activities so you can gain a better understanding.

1.      Softball

If you don’t like contact sports, wheelchair softball is a game you can enjoy. Softball is an easy sport to play because it includes simple actions like throwing, hitting, and catching.  The rules for wheelchair softball are the same as a 16-inch slow pitch softball.


However, certain exceptions can be made. Like any other wheelchair sport, you’ll need to buy a heavy duty wheelchair to play this sport to its fullest.


2.      Hockey

Wheelchair hockey can be played on a basketball court using a plastic ball and plastic sticks. The changed rules, such as goalies can’t freeze the ball and have a limited range of movement, are based on restrictions. This is a fast-paced game, and it promotes high levels of teamwork.


3.      Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular wheelchair sports. It can be played regularly on a tennis court with a sports wheelchair with cambered wheels. The rules are only slightly changed from the original tennis.


The sport can be played as doubles, singles, up-down doubles meaning there will always be a wheelchair user on each side of the court. This sport also requires wheelchairs designed for sports.


4.      Bowling

Bowling is perhaps the simplest sports anyone can play. Wheelchair bowling is easy to learn and allows users to bowl at their own pace. It’s played like standard bowling, and the scoring is also the same.


The only alteration is that the ball is released from a fixed position. Helpers place the ball in a particular position and aren’t allowed to touch it once it’s set in place. Afterward, the wheelchair user sets the ball in motion to score.


A sports match between wheelchair athletes

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