5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a Lift Chair

Buying a lift chair for yourself or a loved one is quite an important decision. After all, the product directly impacts your comfort, mobility ease, and flexibility. Lift chairs are extremely helpful in reducing mobility constraints in elders, injured, disabled, and recovering patients. They allow users to sit and stand without excessive pressure on their bodies.

When buying one, you might feel overwhelmed due to several options available in the market. Fatima Mobility is here to narrow your search. We’re a leading mobility equipment provider offering a wide range of exercise equipment, manual and automatic wheelchairs, and lift chairs.

If you’re looking for the right lift chair, this guide is for you. We’ve highlighted the most important questions that you must ask before making a purchase. So let’s get started.

1. Should I Buy or Rent a Lift Chair?

Yes, you can find lift chairs for rent, but that’s not something we recommend. Renting a lift chair comes with many issues. You might not find exactly what you’re looking for. Moreover, the rented lift chair may not be in pristine conditions putting your health at risk.

On the contrary, buying a lift chair is a highly valuable investment. Even if you’re buying one for your recovery period, it can come in very useful in the long run. In addition, you should consider buying a lift chair if it’s for an older adult. These products are a great alternative to regular chairs and armchairs.

2. Which Size is the Best?

The size of your lift chair is the first and most critical aspect of the purchase.

Lift chairs come in various sizes, and choosing the wrong size can increase a user’s discomfort and mobility constraints. Some manufacturers make standard-size lift chairs commonly denoted with the letter ‘M.’ Others offer different options, such as small, medium, and large.

You can also look for lift chairs with customized sizing to match their user’s exact needs. For example, and petit lift chair is perfect for disabled children.

A person in a wheelchair holding his cane

We recommend you buy a lift chair from an experienced and highly credible source. Fatima Mobility offers a wide range of mobility equipment so you can find the right lift chair in their collection. Our team can help you make an informed decision for maximized comfort and user well-being.

3. What Kind of Positions Does a Lift Chair Provide?

A lift chair offers different movement aids. It can be configured in various directions to help users stand and sit with greater comfort. The most common lift chair configurations include infinite and zero gravity positioning.

However, you can look for more versatile lift chairs according to your needs. We offer high-quality lift chairs that provide lifted, seated, napping, relaxing, sleeping, and reading positions, among many others.

A sit and stand portable lift chair

Here’s a breakdown of two common types of lift chairs:

  1. A three-position lift chair allows you to recline, dip, and erect the seating alignment. It’s suitable for sitting, lying down, and standing while ensuring proper posture and comfort to the users.
  2. An infinite position lift chair allows users to lay down at 90 degrees by fully reclining their chairs. It’s more suitable for heart and blood pressure patients as it can achieve the above-your-foot position to improve blood circulation.  

Moreover, infinite position lift chairs have independent back panels and footrests.

Talk to us and learn more about our mobility aid equipment and flexible financing today!

4. Do I Need Heat and Massage Options in My Lift Chair?

Want to maximize your comfort? Consider opting for a lift chair with heat and massage options. These add-ons are beneficial for regular pain management. They relieve soreness and inflammation and alleviate pain to make you feel relaxed and well-rested.

You can either choose a lift chair with a built-in massage option or get an upgrade at the time of purchase.

We understand that buying a lift chair or any other mobility equipment is a big task. So don’t forget to ask your mobility equipment seller these questions to simplify the process. The more information you have, the better.

5. Will I Eat/Drink in My Lift Chair?

It may seem like an unimportant question, but you must ask it to ensure that your new lift chair comes with proper accessories to help you eat and drink in it.

For example, a cup holder, a reclining food table, and a footrest are important to help you sit straight for eating and drinking in your lift chair. Moreover, it also helps you choose the right material for strain resistance.

6. Does the User Have Any Medical Requirements?

Lift chairs are generally used by the elderly and recovering patients to maximize everyday comfort and safety. However, you may want to buy one for a disabled person or an injured individual. This calls for special attention to the user’s medical requirements.

Consult a medical expert before deciding on mobility equipment like a lift chair. It will assist you in finding the right product according to your medical/mobility needs.

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