6 Tips for Traveling with Physical Disabilities

Traveling with disabilities can be challenging. It’s important to have solutions for any potential problems that you may encounter during your travels.


With that in mind, you can follow these handy tips to enjoy yourself when traveling. 

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Research Your Destination

Research the level of accessibility of the route you’re taking since it’ll heavily depend on your destination. Make arrangements according to the landscape you’re visiting and how wheelchair-accessible the country is.

Convert Cash

Make sure your credit cards are valid and are accepted at your chosen destination. Call your bank to confirm such details. Also, find out where you can convert your currency to the local currency. We recommend that you convert at least some of your travel budget right after arriving at your destination. 


If You Need a Tour

If you need one, find tour companies that operate locally and provide services to people with disabilities. Call in beforehand to ask the following questions:

  • Does the route offer wheelchair accessibility?
  • Is the tour private or group managed?
  • Does the tour route have any hilly areas, stairs?
  • Is the tour given by a licensed professional?

Accessible Accommodations

You can’t assume that the accommodations you’re considering staying at will have all the accessibility options you’re used to. Just because establishments advertise it on their websites doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get more details. Call in and ask them about the following things:


  • Wheelchair access: are the rooms, buildings, and streets accessible for people who use wheelchairs?
  • Parking: check to see if they have parking spaces designated for disabled guests. And how close are they to the front entrance?
  • Bathroom accessibility: Ensure that the bathroom has raised toilets with sufficient width of the doors and grab bars.
  • Proximity: check how far are all the facilities you require. For example, hospitals, restaurants, and so on.


Double-check these details after you arrive at the accommodation and before you check in.

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Airport and Airline 

Contact the airline and all the airports that you’ll be arriving at and departing from. Request the essential requirements for the journey, like your in-flight wheelchair and oxygen if you need it. Also, find out about the size of the plane’s aisles. 


We recommend that you check your rights as a passenger online beforehand. Confirm all this a few days before your departure. 

Medical Precautions

Make sure that your travel insurance covers all your pre-existing medical conditions. Remember, each country has its own laws about the medication you bring in. Ensure that it’s legal to take your medications to the place you're planning to visit.


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