A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Wheelchair

A wheelchair can prove to be an essential tool in helping people with mobility disabilities retain their normal function. From folding to reclining wheelchairs, there are many options in the market for different kinds of customers.


Not sure which wheelchair to buy online? Here's a guide that can help you decide:


1. How Often Will I Use It?

Determine first how often you'll need to use the wheelchair. You'll need some guidance from your doctor and personal research to understand just how long you'll be using the wheelchair.


If you need it for the short term, then you can go for a lightweight wheelchair that can assist you on your path to recovery. For long-term use, you'll need a fairly heavy-duty wheelchair that can also accommodate any additions that you might need over time.


2. How Much Time Will I Spend In It?

How much time you spend in a wheelchair impacts your purchase. That's because you could end up spending all day in it, which could lead to deterioration of the body.


If you'll spend a lot of time in your wheelchair, then going for a reclining wheelchair or a stand-up wheelchair is the right move. That way, you can lay down or stand up without having to leave the wheelchair. It'll keep you moving and also allow easier transportation.

3. How Much Will I Travel?

Traveling is different when you use a wheelchair. You need to think about where you'll carry in on your way there and how much maintenance it'll need during the trip.


A folding wheelchair will be useful when you're trying to put it in the trunk of your car. If you don't opt for one, you may buy a wheelchair that can be taken apart and put back together at the destination.


Finally, if you want to skip all the hassle, then you can buy a wheelchair carrier that can be attached to the back of your car.

4. Do I Need Assistance?

Will you need help moving around, or will you be doing it yourself? That can help you decide between a manual and a powered wheelchair.


You may need someone to push your wheelchair if you go with a manual one. On the other hand, you could push it yourself if you're only doing it for a shorter amount of time.


If you need more independence, a powered wheelchair is the way to go. You could drive the wheelchair via its control panel, thus allowing you to move around on your own without any strain.

 A couple of people in different wheelchairs

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