A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Patient Lifts

A patient lift is a device that helps to move patients at home or in hospitals easily. Older patients or patients who have limited mobility will find patient lifts useful as they help them move between beds and chairs. It also helps patients move to a standing position from a sitting position without much hassle.


It’s important to buy lift chairs online that are right for you or your loved ones. There are lots of parameters that you might have to think about before buying a patient lift.


Here are some factors for you to consider about buying your patient lift.

Manual or Electric?

The operator uses the manual patient lifts with a hydraulic pump. However, the electric patient lifts are used via a motor and a rechargeable battery. Many hospitals use electric lifts because they are easy to use. Manual lifts require a lot of effort and don’t have any electric controls. The manual lifts are less expensive, but the electric lifts will help to keep patients steady.

Size Matters

Sometimes people might buy bigger patient lifts for a very small home. This will only cause disturbances in the transitions and mobility. Patient lifts come in many different sizes and styles. There is a huge variety of models to pick and choose from. The size of the patient lifts should not be too big for small areas to help the patient move around easily.

A man in the dark sitting on wheelchair


All patient lifts have a maximum weight capacity, whether it be electronic or manual. The lifts should be enough to support the weight needed to be carried around.


Patient lifts should be portable. If the lift is to be moved around frequently, then a patient lift should be chosen that can be folded to be stored or transported easily. Many mobility products for sale are designed to be folded in one single fold, but few can be disassembled in pieces to carry around. 


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