Advantages and Disadvantages Of Lifting Seats For Power Wheelchairs

A power or electric wheelchair is one of the biggest inventions in the community of disability. These types of wheelchairs are perfect for those that are unable to move most of their joints in the legs, back and shoulders. Power wheelchairs have helped many disabled people accomplish many goals. People can now travel, work, socialize and take care of their children with this mobility device.

The wheelchair is powered by batteries that can be charged any time. This helps the motor to function via the buttons located at the armrest of the wheelchair. This allows the person in the power wheelchair to make sharp turns and control the speed as well.

The power wheelchair also has a lift seat feature that helps the person reach countertops and tables of different heights. There are other advantages of the seat and some disadvantages as well, let’s take a look at them.


Most people buy a power wheelchair due to its lightweight and foldable qualities but there’s so much more.

·         Makes you independent:

With a lifting seat, you don’t have to ask anybody to adjust your seat; you can do it yourself without any limitations.

·         Enter vehicle:

With or without help, entering a vehicle can be one of the most challenging things for a disabled person. Lifting seats gives you the liberty to lift your seats to enter the vehicle easily.

·         You can stand

A lifting seat can give you the power to stand with adjustments; these wheelchairs are designed to provide the best experience for the person in the wheelchair.

·         Move to another seat

If you are at a social event that requires you to be seated in a specific area, you can make the change easily. By controlling the power board you can adjust the heights and maneuver to the seat.

A man attending a meeting in a wheelchair.

·         Don’t have to strain yourself:

With a power wheelchair and lifting seat you don’t have to strain to move from one place to another. You can do it yourself without any man power.

·         You can be comfortable

You don’t have to pull your neck to look in specific directions. You can use the lifting seat to elevate you a little. Your spine is not under pressure from all the uncomfortable positions you are in constantly.


There aren’t many, but power wheelchairs with lifting seats have a disadvantage.

·         It makes you depended:

The power wheelchair makes you dependent on it. You might get used to technology so much that you won’t be able to use a manual wheelchair anymore.

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