All You Need to Know About Reclining and Tilting Wheelchairs

Even though some people still use standard manual wheelchairs, others look for powered wheelchairs or those with innovative features. Two other commonly-used wheelchairs that doctors recommend using are reclining and tilting wheelchairs.

Do you want to buy a reclining wheelchair or invest in a tilting one? Here's everything you need to know about reclining and tilting wheelchairs.

An ergonomic reclining wheelchair

What are Reclining Wheelchairs?

Reclining wheelchairs allow users to change their positions while sitting in a wheelchair. The users can go from sitting to laying down by reclining their wheelchairs backward. This makes wheelchairs more comfortable for their users as they can take a break when exhausted from sitting. In addition, it reduces the pressure on the back, allowing people to relax their lower back and thighs.

Why Should You Use Reclining Wheelchairs?

Doctors usually suggest hip injury and fracture patients use reclining wheelchairs. However, this doesn’t mean only these patients can benefit from a reclining wheelchair. Here’s how reclining wheelchairs benefit users.

Offers More Comfort

If you use a wheelchair frequently or for long hours every day, why not use one that offers more comfort? With a reclining wheelchair, you can easily tilt the back and rest for short durations.

Eases Sores

You already know that sitting in the same position for long periods can result in sores all over your body. Changing position and reclining your back will distribute the body weight, easing pressure and preventing further sores.

What are Tilting Wheelchairs?

Unlike reclining wheelchairs, tilting wheelchairs allow the whole chair to tilt to a certain position. Unlike a reclining chair, a tilting wheelchair tilts the whole chair to an angle of 30 or 60 degrees. However, the knees and the hips remain at an angle of 90 degrees while sitting in a tilting wheelchair. This happens because a tilting wheelchair has a powered tilt feature, also called a tilt-in-space, which the wheelchair user can operate using a button.

Why Should You Use Tilting Wheelchairs?

Doctors usually advise patients with spine-related injuries or pain to use tilting wheelchairs. However, here are some other reasons people should use tilting wheelchairs.

To Get up from the Wheelchair Easily

Since you can tilt a tilting wheelchair at any angle, you can easily get up from it with minimal support from a caregiver. People having trouble getting in and out of wheelchairs should invest in tilting wheelchairs.

For Head Support

Tilting wheelchairs usually come with head supports, allowing your head to rest all the time. This prevents neck and shoulder pain while maximizing the wheelchair user’s comfort.

A tilting wheelchair

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