Benefits of an Active Lifestyle for Senior Citizens

Studies have shown that exercise or any other form of regular physical activity can help senior citizens improve their immune systems and overall well-being. It can improve a person's immunity and strengthen social ties and psychological functioning.

Seniors above the age of 65 require proper care and attention. Even if you have a completely healthy senior family member, you need to ensure that they’re maintaining a good lifestyle. According to the CDC, older citizens with less than two hours of physical movement per day are more prone to getting sick more often than those with an active lifestyle. This is why experts urge seniors to stay active as much as possible.

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A senior man helping his wife use a rollator

In this detailed blog, we’ve uncovered the most exciting benefits of staying active for senior citizens. You will also learn how challenged, or weak seniors can stay healthy and fit with regular physical activity.

1. Lowers Dependability

An active lifestyle helps seniors maintain a happy and healthy life and enables them to live independently. According to Pew Research, over 37% of the total married couples above the age of 65 live alone.

WHO also reveals that 3.8 million people spend independent lives worldwide, and almost 50% of them are over 75 years.

This means that seniors living alone need to do their best to maintain an active lifestyle. And this goes for differently abled and weaker seniors who use mobility aid to move around. Doctors recommend that aging individuals spend at least 2 hours per day walking, exercising, or doing stretches.

On the other hand, people in wheelchairs, walkers, and rollators should be assisted during their exercise sessions.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Reports show that heart diseases are the most prevalent health issue in senior citizens. That’s exactly why our experts at Fatima Mobility recommend aging individuals incorporate adequate physical activity into their routine.

Statistics reveal that light to moderate exercise, and outdoor strolls can reduce the risk of heart diseases in the elderly by as much as 35%. Exercise acts as a preventive weapon against coronary heart disease by keeping your heart healthy and reducing blood clotting risks.

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3. Increasing Brain Response

The human brain tends to function and process at a slower rate as we grow older. People with existing medical conditions experience this change more often. Sometimes, aging individuals may complain about forgetting stuff, missing out, or feeling zoned out. These are all major signs of poor cognitive functioning.

Want to know an awesome preventive hack that can keep your brain invigorated and young for years to come? Moderate physical activities such as yoga, gardening, walking, and stretching can do wonders to your cognitive health.

Experts suggest that individuals aged 65 or above should incorporate light to moderate level exercise in their routine to refresh their brains. Differently-abled, older individuals on mobility aid can also do so using physical assistance.

A senior citizen socializing at a book launch

4. Maintains Healthy Weight

Senior citizens are more vulnerable to weight gain due to prolonged sitting or laying down or poor immune systems. If you or a loved one has been experiencing rapid weight gain in their aging period, here’s what might be causing it:

  • Decreasing muscle mass
  • Insufficient calorie burn
  • Decreased hormone secretion
  • Thyroid problems
  • Insulin resistance problems
  • Imbalanced diet
  • Slower metabolism
  • Medicinal side effects

All of the above causes are manageable using the right techniques. We’d recommend our senior fellows stay mobile instead of spending most of their time in front of a screen or on their couches. It doesn’t even matter if you’re in a wheelchair or using a cane to walk. All you need is some fresh air to reboot your slow metabolism and improve its functioning.

An aging woman inside her greenhouse

Important Tips to Remember

While exercising is one of the best ways to maintain health in your late years, it’s important to take proper precautions before setting up a routine. We strongly recommend seniors consult their medical experts and get their exercise plan approved by them. They should monitor breathing, pressure, and joint pains when exercising.

It’s also important to wear loose-fit clothing and specially-designed shoes to prevent pain and soreness. You should also ensure that senior citizens with balance problems can access mobility equipment such as a walker or cane during their physical activity session.

All in all, physical and cognitive activities can be game-changing for senior citizens.

A recent Harvard study revealed that seniors who engage in board games, fitness routines, and socializing events are 2x happier, healthier, and cheerful. Keeping your brain active is the key to living a long life. It not only helps in strengthening your vitals but also reduces the risk of statistical disability in older years.

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