Buying a Mobility Scooter? Stick to These Tips

The automotive and mobility sectors experienced a great hit during the pandemic. Lockdown measures and bans restricted mobility and discouraged people from leaving their homes unnecessarily.

But the demand for mobility equipment is rising once again as we return to normalcy. The global market for mobility scooters is predicted to grow by 1.5 billion dollars by the end of 2030. Mobility scooters have become a useful tool for people who want to reduce their dependence on others when moving around.

A mobility scooter is an electrically propelled mobility equipment with versatile configurations and control options. They’re excellent for people with limited dexterity and physical strength. Mobility scooters help disabled and older adults move around with stability and greater control.

What’s more, mobility scooters are gaining massive traction because of their eco-friendliness and efficiency. Seniors love using mobility scooters to perform their daily tasks without assistance.

Therefore, it’s important to consider all the important factors when buying a mobility scooter. Fatima Mobility is here with credible and useful insight to help you pick the right mobility scooter for your needs.

1. Size of Your Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are purpose-designed to help you stay comfortable and safe when moving around. It’s designed for people with movement difficulties and chronic medical conditions. You must choose the right size of a mobility scooter to ensure your safety and well-being.

A mobility scooter too small can lead to trip and fall accidents, whereas the opposite can cause stability and control problems. Consider the objective of buying a mobility scooter before choosing a size.

A small-wheeled, lightweight, and portable mobility scooter is better for smaller distances. However, we recommend you choose a heavy-duty mobility scooter for longer distances and rougher grounds such as stones and pavements. Small mobility scooters are suitable for indoors and large ones are better suited for outdoor activities.

At Fatima Mobility, we strive to bring the best and an all-encompassing mobility equipment variety for sale. Our products are reliable, warranty-backed, and high-quality. We don’t compromise on your well-being and health by offering a price match guarantee and flexible financing options. Explore our website to find the right mobility aid.

2. Mobility Scooter Fit

Your mobility scooter’s fit is the second most important factor that can have a drastic impact on your comfort and mobility. Make sure to choose a mobility scooter with variable height adjustments. It should have your feet aligned at exactly 90 degrees for comfortable movements.

 A mobility scooter carrier for cars

Your feet should sit flat on the base and your arms should be able to reach the handles without over-extending your back. We recommend bigger mobility scooters for taller individuals as their legs and arms require more space for convenient maneuvering.

3. Portability Ease and Storage Options

Mobility scooters are extremely versatile and useful for disabled and recovering patients. They’re equally beneficial for aging individuals who aren’t able to sit, walk, or stand for prolonged periods.

When choosing a mobility scooter, pay attention to its weight and storage options. A compact, foldable mobility scooter is better for independently living people. However, you may need a caregiver or a helper to store and move a larger scooter. At Fatima Mobility, you can buy quality mobility scooters in various sizes. We also offer mobility scooter carriers, which attach to vehicles for easily transporting the equipment.

You can also improve your comfort and safety by making your home or facility safer and mobility scooter-friendly. Check out our stand-alone threshold and scooter ramps now.

4. Control System

A mobility scooter is an electrically-chargeable machine. It requires a power source for battery charging and users must have proper operative knowledge about the equipment. When buying a mobility scooter, study its controls and features to find the right fit.

A disabled individual in a wheelchair

A typical mobility scooter is laced with brake, speed, turn, reverse, and rotate controls. Operating a manual scooter requires the user to grip the tillers with both hands. You need manual dexterity and flexibility to turn a scooter’s direction using pressure.

Other mobility scooter parts you should check include harnesses, shroud covers, wheel rims, controllers, battery ports, steering, armrests, seating, and ignition type. Opt for a simpler mobility scooter for increased comfort. Don’t buy a complicated mobility aid that might lead to more frequent maintenance hiccups and repairs.

Go for a delta tiller if you’re buying a mobility scooter for a disabled individual or someone with poor or reduced manual dexterity.

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An advanced mobility scooter

More Tips for Purchasing a Mobility Scooter Online

Here are a few more expert tips to help you make an informed purchase decision:

  • Always choose a reliable online mobility equipment seller
  • Ask about product warranty and servicing
  • Choose a mobility scooter that’s easy to maintain and recharge
  • Prefer quality over everything else to ensure your maximum safety
  • Choose the right size and fit for easier movement and maneuverability
  • Practice mobility scooter drives under supervision until you feel safe driving alone
  • Opt for an insurance policy for your new mobility scooter to minimize financial constraints

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