Customizing Your Wheelchair—4 Accessories You Can Use

Do you know that around 3.3 million people in the US use wheelchairs? Even though the wheelchair industry has evolved and disabled and older people have access to higher-quality, more comfortable, and flexible wheelchairs now, there’s still room for improvement or, should we say, customization. Even if you buy a folding wheelchair that suits your needs and living situation, you can still enhance your wheelchair experience by using some innovative accessories.

Here’s how to customize your wheelchair with some must-have wheelchair accessories.

A wheelchair with a back cushion

Wheelchair Gloves

Do you use a manual wheelchair? If yes, you would know that maneuvering a manual wheelchair can make your hands hurt. All that steering and stopping can result in callouses or burns. The best way to keep your hands protected from continuous friction is to invest in wheelchair gloves. These padded gloves can give your hands added safety and comfort necessary to move a manual wheelchair.

Wheelchair Table Trays 

Do you find it challenging to move from your wheelchair to a chair and desk whenever you have to work or study? Try getting a wheelchair table tray. This light-weighted table tray can be attached to the armrest of a wheelchair, and you can place your books, laptop, or other work material on it.

Wheelchair table trays are especially useful if your workplace or college doesn’t offer an accessible chair or desk. Moreover, you can also have meals in your wheelchair easily using a table tray.

Wheelchair Cushions

Traveling in a wheelchair for hours can be uncomfortable, especially if your wheelchair doesn’t have additional flexible features. However, you can ensure that your back doesn’t hurt after a while by investing in wheelchair cushions. They provide the right support, and you can easily relax while traveling in your wheelchair.

If you want to minimize back, shoulder, or neck pain, invest in wheelchair cushions. Besides purchasing a cushion for your back, you can buy a seat cushion and use it to experience maximum comfort, better sitting balance, and an enhanced posture.

Wheelchair Safety Belts

Do you know that traveling in a wheelchair can be a safety risk for people with limited mobility? This is because when wheelchairs stop abruptly, a disabled or elderly person can fall from the wheelchair, resulting in major injuries. A wheelchair safety belt effectively keeps you strapped to the wheelchair seat, preventing the risk of unfortunate accidents. This keeps the wheelchair user safe, both outdoors and indoors.

A wheelchair safety belt


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