Everything You Should Consider Before Selecting a Rollator

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Mobility problems can be challenging to deal with. However, thanks to mobility aids, such as rollators, individuals can become independent without worrying about safety issues. Rollators are mobility aids similar to a walker but have a wheel on each leg.

If you want to buy a rollator online, consider all the right factors. Here are some factors.

Decide Between Three and Four Legs

Usually, rollators are available in three and four wheels. A crucial factor to consider before selecting a rollator is the number of wheels on it. Both these alternatives have their fair share of pros and cons.

Three-wheeled rollators are narrower, making them easy to fit through narrow corridors. Moreover, users can maneuver these rollators easily, making them excellent for indoor use. In addition, they're lightweight and portable too.

On the other hand, four-wheeled rollators are more stable; they also have a suitable seat to rest on when you're tired.

Find the One that Suits You

It's critical to select a rollator that's made according to your body weight, build, and height since these factors can contribute to your comfort. So, before purchasing your rollator, focus on these aspects and select the one that suits your needs. Some essential factors to ponder over are:

  • Seat size
  • Seat height
  • Handle height
  • The rollator's weight

Consider Weight and Portability

Since we've mentioned the rollator's weight, it's vital we dive a bit deeper into it. You'll probably have to keep moving your rollator around, but it can become a problem for you if it's heavy. Therefore, it's imperative to consider its weight.

If you purchase a lightweight rollator, you wouldn't have trouble bringing your rollator around. Luckily, there are various rollator types available with different features; you can conveniently compare your options and choose the one suitable for your needs.

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a rollator from Fatima Mobility's rollator collection

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