Explore Different Types of Walking Aids & the Difference Between Them

Millions of people around the world require the use of walking aids. In the US alone, 1 in every 7 people needs mobility assistance.


However, not every person with a mobility disability needs a heavy-duty wheelchair. Some just need a simple device to help them move around without relying on others.


Read on to find out about the different types of walking aids available and the best way to choose the right device:

1.      Canes and Crutches


Canes are mobility devices that most people start using when they initially faced difficulty walking. Canes take some of the pressure off of the legs and transfer it to the upper part of the body.


Crutches, meanwhile, are an extension of the idea of canes. They're more useful when suffering from a lower-body injury and provide extra support to the arms and elbows.

2.      Walkers and Rollators

Walkers are often used by those who need more stable support when walking and have more space available. Compared to a cane or crutches, a walker takes much more space, providing significantly more support.


Some walkers come with a foldable design that can be transported quite easily.


Rollators, meanwhile, are walkers with wheels at the ends of the legs. They are meant for those who do not want to pick up the walker for every step. Indoor and outdoor rollators aren't designed to be leaned on, though they can provide the kind of stability that a walker does.


Hybrid designs blend the features of both to provide balance and maneuverability to those who need it.

3.      Mobility Scooters


These are the final walking aid that can be used before moving to a transport wheelchair. Scooters are among the most used assistive mobility devices in the US.


A mobility scooter is a device that allows people with more severe mobility disabilities to move around on their own and feel a sense of independence.


Various types of mobility scooters assist people with different levels of issues. For example, a knee scooter is designed to allow a person to rest their injured leg while using the other leg to push it forward.


An older man using a hybrid walker


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