Folding Wheelchairs vs. Standard Wheelchairs

a man on a standard wheelchair

Wheelchairs have evolved over the years. A few years back, there used to be just a standard model of wheelchair that didn’t cater to specific situations, nor did it allow the user to travel everywhere without much hassle.

Even though it was bulky and hard to navigate, a wheelchair was nevertheless an extremely useful and innovative invention. However, we now have several types of wheelchairs that’ve made movement and traveling much easier compared to standard wheelchairs.

One of the most common variants of a standard wheelchair is the folding wheelchair.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about the differences between a folding wheelchair and a standard wheelchair.

The Frame Design

One of the most basic differences between a folding wheelchair and a standard wheelchair is the design of the frame. A folding wheelchair has an ‘X’ frame design, and this shape of the frame allows the wheelchair to be easily folded.

On the other hand, a standard or a rigid wheelchair can doesn’t have the ‘X’ frame design and instead has a welded frame that the user sits on. The frame is made of lightweight materials like steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. 

Storage Space

While standard or non-folding wheelchairs can’t be stored in compact spaces, a folding wheelchair can be folded into a narrow package, doesn’t take up much storage space, and is easy to transport in vehicles.

Also, because standard wheelchairs can’t be folded, they require a separate seat in a vehicle and can be cumbersome to transport.

Performance Over Different Terrains

Foldable wheelchairs offer the user more flexibility, and the folding frames also provide a softer suspension. This helps a foldable wheelchair move over uneven terrains more easily and smoothly compared to a standard wheelchair.

a foldable wheelchair

User Suitability

Because of some elementary differences between a standard wheelchair and a foldable wheelchair, each is more suitable for certain specific candidates.

A folding wheelchair is more suitable for those who require complex seating arrangements, have enough strength to propel the wheelchair, and those who’ll be pushed around by a caregiver. A standard wheelchair is more suitable for those with limited strength and young adults and teens who’re active.

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