Folding Wheelchairs Vs. Standard Wheelchairs

Choosing the right wheelchair can be more complicated than you may think. Wheelchairs are mobility aids that play a significant role in a person's lifestyle. They come in different designs and functions to provide comfort and convenience to users.

But which one is best for you? We'll be comparing foldable and rigid frame (standard) wheelchairs to know which one is ideal for use.

What's The Difference?

A folding or foldable wheelchair has an 'X' frame design allowing it to fold easily. The fold makes it easy and safe for better storage and use.

The rigid frame or standard wheelchairs don't fold but provide a sturdy feel and durability. It's usually a choice for athletes for this reason.

person in a wheelchair

Benefits of a Folding Wheelchair

  • Convenient for both caretakers and the person using them.
  • It can be easily folded and stored. The caretaker can neatly pack it up and put it in the closet or trunk.
  • They are less expensive since they're made from durable but less costly materials.
  • Generally, they are more easily retrofitted with custom seating for those certain lumbar issues.

Benefits of a Standard Wheelchair

  • They're designed with the user's mobility in mind. This means that you can operate it yourself, from setting up to driving it.
  • A standard wheelchair is lighter with less metal in it for easy handling.
  • While moving, they bend and stretch less to minimize user effort to move it forward. If the wheelchair bends or stretches, more of the user's effort goes into managing the wheelchair rather than moving it.
  • The sturdy frame allows them to be more responsive.
  • The axles of the mechanism are quick for easy storage with minimal size. The back of the chair also folds to take minimal storage space.
  • The seat and back have a variety of customizable options in width, height, and angle. Even the wheel position can be changed.
  • The parts experience less wear and tear. Woman on black folding wheelchair outdoors with her caretaker

Which Type Suits Whom?

A folding wheelchair is a better option for those who:

  • Have the upper body strength needed to drive the wheelchair back and forth.
  • Require seating with heavily customizable products.
  • Have the assistance of a caretaker to push the wheelchair.
  • Need to store it in a car trunk.
  • Use the wheelchair occasionally when going out.

A standard wheelchair is a better option for:

  • Active adults like teens.
  • People who can drive it themselves with minimal strength, like children and elders.
  • Those who prefer to be independent, assuming that they don't need heavily customizable seating.

Closing Note

Both types are great options for you if you can maintain and don't have any particularly complex problems to cater to. While either type can fulfil your typical day-to-day needs, consulting your doctor before buying a wheelchair online is the best approach.

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