Here's Why Wheelchair Ramps Are Important in Houses

Wheelchair ramps are an excellent way to accommodate elderly and disabled people that use lightweight transport wheelchairs and other mobility products. Therefore, many US states require public property and business owners to install wheelchair ramps at their facilities. Even though homeowners aren't legally required to install wheelchair ramps at their houses, doing so will make their homes more disabled-friendly. Wheelchair ramps for homes have many types, where you can select between a standalone threshold ramp, folding ramp, rollable ramps, or other options.

Here's why homeowners should consider getting a wheelchair ramp for their homes.

A self-supporting wheelchair ramp

Makes Your Home More Accessible 

Do you or any family member have a disability or health condition that affects their mobility? If yes, then adding a wheelchair ramp to your house is necessary. These wheelchair ramps would allow elderly, disabled, and injured people to enter and exit your house easily, but that's not all! It enables wheelchairs and other mobility product users to live independently without needing a caretaker 24/7.

These ramps are adds-on, allowing your disabled and elderly family members to navigate their homes without the assistance of their loved ones. Moving independently also boosts the mental and emotional health of disabled and elderly people. Your home will be a safe place for disabled and elderly friends and relatives if you decide to install a wheelchair ramp.

Convenient for Other People

Wheelchair ramps aren't only for disabled, elderly, and injured people. Other people living in or visiting your house can also benefit from a wheelchair ramp. For instance, people with service dogs and pets can use wheelchair ramps to help their pets enter and exit your house.

In addition, visiting relatives and caregivers can use wheelchair ramps to push wheelchairs and other mobility products. People with children can also benefit from wheelchair ramps, as they can easily push strollers on these ramps instead of lifting them.

Wheelchair ramps are also convenient for people living in areas with rain spells and snow storms. Homeowners can install an extra handlebar to ensure people can enter houses safely through access ramps instead of slipping on the front stairs.

Improves Your Home's Resale Value

You might be surprised to know this, but having a permanent wheelchair ramp increases your home's resale value. An access ramp makes your home more appealing to people looking for disabled-friendly houses. They're more likely to pay a higher price for homes with a wheelchair ramp, so they won't have to install one themselves.

 A standalone threshold ramp

With a standalone threshold ramp or any other wheelchair ramp, your house will be more accessible and convenient for mobility product users. At Fatima Mobility, we have many mobility products for sale, including wheelchair ramps, that you can order and install in your home.

Reach out to us and browse through our lightweight transport wheelchair collections, alongside purchasing a wheelchair ramp.