How To Care For Children In Wheelchairs: A Guide For Parents

A girl in a wheelchair.

Being a parent is a challenging and hard responsibility as it is. But when your child is physically impaired or disabled, your challenges become more complex. This means that you need to be more than a parent, you need to be their life coach. A child with disability may require more than just a mobility device, they need care and support. Emotional support in particular will help them cope with their physical challenges.

You might be overwhelmed by all the information you received from your child’s specialist but there is an easier way to handle and manage your child’s life. You can need to surround your child, yourself and your other children with strong support system to maintain a healthy household. Here are some great tips you can follow to care for your disabled child.

1.      Learn more about the disability

We are not saying that you should drown yourself in research, but keeping up with the disability and progress to address iis vital. That’s because the more you know about the disability the more you can help them.

During your research you might come across, organizations that work in order to provide more information and research about the disability. Always sign up for newsletters from such reputable organizations, so that you are aware of evolving updates.

2.      Support programs

You can also join support programs that might be available in your community. Many parents feel alone and helpless while helping their disabled child, these support programs will assist to try new things in your child’s or your routine. You may also come across a family that your children can have play dates with.

A girl in a wheelchair with her father.

3.      Child therapist

A child therapist should be taken into consideration, that’s because no matter close you are with your kid. There might be some under lying issues you might be missing and a therapist will help your child manage their emotions and speak about their problems. With the help of a child therapist, your kid might be able to communicate something to you that they haven’t had the courage to do before.

4.      New activities

There are many activities you and your child can involve in to create a strong bond. Don’t think too much about the activity itself, it could really be anything you enjoy, from chess to cards to any sports. Sports are not off limits; according to your child’s disability you can get them a sports wheelchair to boost their confidence.

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