How to Choose a Bed Side Rail for the Elderly

Mobility aid products like bed rails ensure that elderly people can get out of their beds easily. Bed rails, also known as safety rails or side rails, are crucial for people with mobility or agility issues. Most elderly people use a bedside rail to prevent rolling off or falling from a bed. Moreover, they also keep senior citizens stable while getting off or on the bed.

If you have an elderly person at home, here's how to keep them secure by choosing a suitable bed side rail.

A bed rail

Types of Bed Rails

Before buying a bed rail for an elderly person, we recommend researching bed rail types to make an informed decision. Here are the common types of bed rails.


  • The most common type of bed rails is hospital bed railsthat are adjustable. As the name suggests, these FDA-approved bed rails are commonly used for hospital beds.
  • Dual bed railsare installed on both sides of a bed. Moreover, they also have crossbars that provide additional support under a mattress.
  • Fold-down bed railsare the best option for traveling as you can disassemble and reassemble them when needed.
  • Portable bed railsaren't a part of a manufactured bed, and you have to attach them separately to the bedside.
  • Bed rails with legsare a type of portable bed rails that have additional height adjustment features. These L-shaped bed rails have two legs on the floor, with one tucked underneath the mattress.
  • Legless bed railstuck under the mattress and have a safety belt for more support. These are perfect for heavier, larger beds or plus-sized senior citizens.

What is the Health Condition of the Elderly Person?

You also have to determine the health condition of the elderly person in your life before purchasing a bed rail for them. Bed rails aren't appropriate for every elderly person. For instance, a person with cognitive diseases like dementia can feel trapped in a bed with bed rails, increasing their risk of falling and injuring themselves.

On the other hand, elderly people who need stability and struggle with a physical disability should get a bed rail.

Always Consult a Physician

If you want to make the best choice regarding bed rails, we recommend consulting a physician beforehand. A physician will tell you if a bed rail is appropriate for the patient. Moreover, a physician will also guide you about the bedrail you should consider.

Person sitting on a bed with a bed rail

The right bed rail will be the mobility aid product that keeps elderly person safe and stable. At Fatima Mobility, we have many types of bed rails. Moreover, you can also buy wheelchairs or outdoor rollators for extra support for the elderly people in your home.


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