How to Determine You Need a Mobility Aid Device?

Surveys suggest that every 1 in 4 or 26% of US adults use different mobility aids. These include wheelchairs, canes, crutches, rollators, walkers, etc. The users of these products are usually people with limited mobility, including seniors, physically disabled people, and people who have trouble walking due to an injury or illness.


However, if you want to invest in a mobility product, ensure that you need one. Here are some signs that you need a mobility aid.

A person helping another elderly person get out of a car using a walker

You Become Easily Exhausted During Walking

Do you easily become exhausted while walking short distances? If yes, it's time you invest in a mobility aid. Issues with weakness are a definite sign that it's time for you to use a mobility device, especially when going out. This applies explicitly to people with multiple sclerosis, ALS, or post-heart stroke, who need a lot of time to recover from exhaustion.

People with these diseases or other issues like age factors should invest in a self-propelling wheelchair to save energy. Moreover, you can invest in a rollator with a built-in seat, where you can sit down, take a break, and rest after walking for some time.

You Experience Falls Often

Do you know that research by the World Health Organization concluded that frequent falls are the second leading cause of death due to injuries among the elderly? In addition, senior citizens have a weaker immune system, and the injuries take a lot of time to heal fully. If you're over 65, we recommend looking into mobility devices.

However, if you have experienced 2-3 falls in the last 6 months, a mobility device like a walker or a cane would minimize the risk of injuries when you step out. In addition, it would prevent you from falling or tripping over something inside your house.

You Experience Pain When Walking

According to research by the National Institute of Health, every 1 in 10 US adults struggles with chronic pain. Are you one of those adults? We understand that it's extremely difficult to eradicate pain, so you should make some lifestyle modifications manage your chronic pain. Mobility or assistive devices distribute your weight and minimize pain. Therefore, you can use a mobility device like a walker and cane to do daily life chores.

 A foldable lightweight power wheelchair

Buy Mobility Products for Sale

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