How to Help Disabled Adults Be More Independent?

According to research, around 61 million adults in the United States live with some kind of disability. This means that every 1 out of 4 (26%) adults struggles with a physical disability. However, many disabled adults depend on their caregivers or family members. While there’s nothing wrong with needing help, support, and care, doctors encourage disabled adults to be more independent. Having more freedom to do things, pursuing a career, or joining a club will help these disabled adults find meaning in life.

From buying outdoor rollators to socializing more, here’s how disabled adults can be more independent.

An ultra-lightweight wheelchair user working on a laptop

Consider Options for Education and Employment

Many disabled people struggle to find a purpose in life, so they spend most of their time inside their houses or care centers. While we understand that limited mobility might stop some people from participating in work or learning activities, many experts encourage disabled adults to join educational institutions and the workforce. For instance, the US authorities ensure that disabled people get special accommodation in workplaces and pursue a career.

Moreover, you can find disabled-friendly educational institutions for the disabled adults in your life and encourage them to learn a subject they love. Disabled adults can also find a purpose in their life by joining the field of social work as a volunteer. Motivate disabled adults to join a society or club that focuses on a social issue. Trust us; nothing gives you a sense of purpose more than helping others.

Socialization Goes a Long Way

As human beings, we have to socialize with other people to lead enjoyable, happy lives. People with disabilities should find other people to socialize with to have fun. Participating in social activities with other disabled adults will allow your disabled family member or friend to be more confident, friendly, and hopeful. Moreover, socialization is a healthy activity that improves mental health.

We recommend looking up communities for disabled people in your area through social platforms. Socialization will also help disabled adults find new hobbies they would love to pursue for a long time.

Physical Activities and Traveling

Research suggests that regular physical activity is crucial for people with disabilities. Therefore, disabled adults should participate in physical activities like sports, yoga, and exercise. This will allow them to be more independent while improving their physical health.

In addition, you can help disabled adults be more independent by encouraging them to travel as much as possible. They don’t have to travel to another state or country, but trips without caregivers would help them feel more independent and empowered.

Person lifting weights while sitting in a heavy-duty wheelchair

Buy Mobility Products for Sale

However, physical activities, socialization, traveling, and pursuing a career require using a high-quality mobility aid. At Fatima Mobility, we have a vast collection of mobility products for sale that disabled adults can use to become more independent. You can buy a wheelchair online and use it to attend classes or buy outdoor rollators to visit friends independently.

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