How to Help Senior Citizens Become More Independent

According to research, around 54.1 million people in the US are aged 65 or older. This means that senior citizens make up 16% of the US population. However, with growing age, elderly people often start losing their independence, spending most of their time in their homes while needing the assistance of a caretaker to move to different places. Age-related diseases and weakness also impact an older person’s mobility, but research has suggested that independence is essential to ensure that senior citizens stay physically and mentally healthy.

Here’s how to help senior citizens become more independent and active members of society.

Two senior citizens playing chess

Involve Them in Day-To-Day Activities

If you have an elderly person living with you, involve them in daily chores instead of asking them to rest constantly. Let them engage in activities independently. They would appreciate some help from time to time, but the best way to make them more independent is to let them do things on their own. Senior citizens in nursing homes can also participate in chores to remain independent.

Engage Them in Social Activities

Older people who don’t participate in social activities witness a decline in their emotional and mental health. Senior citizens must meet their friends and families as much as possible and participate in social activities.

Encourage your older relatives to join social clubs and activities, allowing them to mingle with people with the same hobbies. For instance, a senior citizen who loves reading can join a reading club, discover new books, and meet new people. Other activities senior citizens can engage in include cooking, crafting, exploring new music, and traveling—make sure they're physically fit to engage in these activities.

Invest in Mobility Products

One of the best ways to ensure senior citizens continue living independently is to invest in mobility products. The mobility products industry is constantly evolving, and manual wheelchairs that require a caretaker to push them around have been replaced by powered wheelchairs. Older people can maneuver these powered wheelchairs on their own.

In addition, older people can now easily travel long-distance through electric scooters and even participate in physical activities by walking using rollators. Transport wheelchairs and lift chairs are other mobility products that increase the independence of older people.

Two elderly people exploring a new place using electric scooters


With these mobility products, senior citizens can soon start living independently. At Fatima Mobility, we have many mobility products for sale that senior citizens can buy and use to lead a more independent life.

These mobility aid products include lift chairs, escape rollators, power stand-up wheelchairs, and more. Reach out to us, buy the latest mobility products, and ensure that senior citizens move around independently.