How to Maintain Your Rollators and Walkers

Exercise machines, mobility equipment, and home care devices are designed to help seniors, injured, and recovering patients move with fewer difficulties.

However, as someone caring for an older adult or a patient, you need to ensure their equipment’s reliability and endurance. And doing so is only possible with regular maintenance. Inspections and repairs must be taken seriously whether your loved one or you use a rollator, crutch, walker, cane, or wheelchair.

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Now let’s delve deeper to learn how to maintain and improve your rollator and walkers’ durability.

The Hazards of Using Poor Quality and Worn Mobility Equipment

Before we give you the expert tips on rollator and walker maintenance, let’s talk about why it’s so important for your and your loved ones:

  1. Improper functioning requires you to put more energy when standing up or sitting down
  2. It can cause body alignment problems and long-term pain and soreness
  3. It can increase the risk of slipping and falling
  4. Poor wheel alignment can cause rollators to swing in different directions
  5. Loose handle grips can result in poor stability

Vive Health Walker rollator available at Fatima Mobility

Here's how to look after your mobility aid equipment:

Tip #1: Think of Wheeled Mobility Equipment as a Car

Rollators and walkers are like cars. They need regular and proper maintenance; otherwise, they can put your or your loved ones’ safety at risk. Poorly maintained rollators malfunction more frequently and can increase the risks of trip and fall accidents.

A rollator or walker is built by joining different parts. Advanced technology has made mobility equipment more delicate replete with sophisticated features and controls. And you must care for it as you would for a car to ensure its durability, long useful life, and endurance.

Tip#2 Wipe the Equipment Daily

Dust and debris can ruin a rollator or walker’s durability, especially if it’s taken for outdoor walks or trips. Over time, mobility equipment can get quite dirty. It not only accumulates dust particles but can also harbor different germs.

An old man using a manual walker

We advise our customers to wipe their equipment using a soft, clean cloth daily. To be extra careful, use a wet wipe a rollator’s frame, seat, wheels, buttons, and handles. Wipe the entire product with a dry towel to remove moisture and soap remains.

Tip #3 Dry the Equipment

Moisture and water can make your equipment’s parts malfunction and wear out more quickly. That’s why keeping your tool dry and clean is extremely important to prevent moisture-related issues in mobility equipment. Be sure to dry your walker, wheelchair, cane, or rollator after using it in rain or snow. Pay closer attention to cleaning the wheels as they’re exposed to grime.

Cleaning the wheels and their joints is important to keep them rolling perfectly and smoothly.

Triumph mobility rolls motion equipment

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Tip#4 Check the Seats and Wheels

Uncomfortable or damaged wheelchair and rollator seats can cause injuries and back pain making it extremely hazardous for differently-abled/injured users. You must check the seats daily and examine them weekly to prevent wear and tear and proper reinforcements.

Wheels are the next, most important part of a walker or rollator. Pay attention to the rear and front wheels to ensure they swivel, turn, and rotate smoothly. Check their alignment and repair them right away in case of an issue. Don’t forget to check the handle grips as they’re frequently touched and, thus, highly vulnerable to quicker damage.

Tip #5 Ensure Proper Sizing

Walkers and rollators come with sizing options. You can adjust their height according to the user’s height, making them comfortable and easier to use. A walker or rollator’s handle should be aligned with the user’s wrist height. It should neither be lower nor above their holding capacity.

If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, maintain its seat height parallel to a normal chair. It reduces back strain, muscle discomfort, and lower back soreness. Moreover, the right handle and seat height will minimize the user’s effort when sitting or standing.

Tip #6 Accessorize the Mobility Equipment

You can increase your equipment’s reliability and functioning by adding accessories to support its function. Pair up a rollator or walker with threshold ramps, cup holders, self-supporting ramps, and side bags.

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