How To Make Society Inclusive For Differently-Abled Individuals?

People with disabilities face numerous problems that can leave them feeling they should give up on life. However, a disability shouldn't be a source of despair. You should try making it your strength and never give up due to countless difficulties you come across.  

Everyone has the power and obligation to make society more inclusive for everyone, whether abled or disabled. Here are five ways to make society more tolerant of individuals with disabilities.

Consider the Disabled Community a Part of Your Community

Seeing the disabled community as a consumer and target audience is still progressive. Although a minority, disabled people are the least represented in product marketing because they are the last to be considered.

Models with impairments are gradually now becoming a part of the fashion industry and marketing campaigns.

A man working out on his folding wheelchair

Hire People with Disabilities Since They Are Motivated and Eager To Work

According to NPR, every four out of five people who are disabled are unemployed.  Studies also show that disabled people earn nearly $9,000 less per year than non-disabled workers. People with disabilities continue to face discrimination at work, such as being denied a final interview or refused a job.

Certain jobs are labor-intensive and require labor without disabilities, but numerous other positions can be well-taken care of by anyone regardless of their disabilities. Therefore such positions must be open for people with disabilities with the same pay as those without any disability.

Enhance Political Representation of People with Disabilities

Can you think of any government officials or politicians with disability at any government, local, state, or national level? We can hardly think of any. There are many people in supporting roles, but there's no one in front representing a political party. We should encourage younger generations with impairments to participate in politics. 

During the 2012 General Election Cycle, the National Council on Disability (NCD), an independent federal agency, created a voting questionnaire for people with disabilities inquiring about their experiences and any possible barriers at the voting station. This was an initiative taken to encourage disabled people to take up political activities as well.

An man using a rollator

A person with a disability should not be restricted from living life to the fullest. Therefore, using the proper mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and rollators, can help you do what you want independently.

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