How to Take Care of a Mobility Scooter

Over 6.8 million Americans use a mobility device, and most of them use either a wheelchair or a mobility scooter. The mobility product is popular for its ease of use and maneuverability.


It is more akin to an individual vehicle for its user. So, just like a vehicle, it needs regular maintenance to provide maximum use. Here's how you can ensure a long life for your scooter:

1. Know the Specifics


While most of the scooter's maintenance will probably be the same as other mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and rollators, your scooter may also need special care.


For example, some scooters need to have their batteries removed before being cleaned. Not doing that could damage the device. You must read your scooter's manual thoroughly to know everything about its maintenance.

2. Clean it Daily


Daily cleaning may sound like a chore, but it's far better for the long-term health of your device than letting the dirt build up and then cleaning it months later.


Try to establish a time in the day when you clean your scooter, no matter how little you've used it. Not only will that help you set a routine, but it'll also help make the scooter a part of your life, and you'll feel more comfortable using it over the long term.

3. Batteries and Tires


Not maintaining the batteries and tires regularly can make equipment such as your wheelchair, lift chair, and scooter useless just when you need it. If these parts malfunction, then a person with a mobility disability can find themself stranded in a strange place with little help.


Make sure that you only charge your scooter with the company-provided charger. Additionally, do not keep it plugged in once the charging is completed.


As for the tires, depending on their type, make sure that they don’t have punctures and get their tread depth checked out by a maintenance professional.

 An older couple using a mobility scooter


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