How to Take Care of a Powered Wheelchair

One in every seven adults in the US suffers from mobility issues, due to which they need mobility products. Amongst the most commonly used mobility equipment is wheelchairs.


Several people use powered wheelchairs for the extra benefits they provide compared to lightweight wheelchairs, including their increased convenience and the independence they provide to the user.


However, a powered wheelchair also means more working parts, and poor maintenance can deteriorate it. Here's how you can ensure that your powered wheelchair keeps working to the best of its ability for years to come:


1. Read the Manual


While there are certain rules of maintaining electronics that go without saying, a heavy-duty powered wheelchair may need different maintenance levels compared to a lightweight one. Your specialized equipment may need a different type of care than you realize.


So you'll be better off reading the manual thoroughly and also consulting the store you bought it from. You may also learn some maintenance tips that can increase your device's life.


2. Keep Away From Water


Like any electronic device, you'll be better off keeping the wheelchair away from wet areas. Of course, you won't always be in the position to avoid water, especially if you're out on your own.


Try to avoid going out in your wheelchair when there's the risk of rain or snow. If you do need to go out, use a plastic wrap over the wheelchair so that the water doesn't damage it.


It's also recommended to train yourself to use the wheelchair as well as possible, as that will enable you to swerve around wet areas and maneuver the wheelchair effectively in difficult situations.


3. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance


You should establish a routine where you clean your wheelchair at the end of every day, whether it’s stand-up or reclining. While there won't be too much to clean every day, it'll help you avoid a deep clean when you do eventually get around to it.


Regular cleaning is a must if you use your wheelchair outside the house and perform daily activities in it, such as eating food and grooming yourself. Dirt, food, and other elements can get into the wheelchair and slow down its operation.

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