Learn About the Benefits of Standing Wheelchairs

Over 3.3 million people in the US use wheelchairs, but not all use them the same way. Some only need minor assistance, while others make wheelchairs a part of their daily lives.


Standing wheelchairs are amongst the fastest-growing mobility products. Want to know how a standing wheelchair can make your life easier? Here's all you need to know:


1. Better Body Movement


The human body needs to move around to maintain primal function. There's a reason why organizations have made an increased push to get their employees off the desk and moving.


When people with restricted mobility get into a wheelchair, they spend more and more time sitting, which only makes things worse by restricting blood flow, reducing the use of their respiratory system, and making the bones fragile.


A stand-up wheelchair allows the user to increase their body movements, thus helping their body continue functioning the way it was meant to.


2. Bladder and Bowel Function


People with lower mobility face many issues with their bowel and bladder function. These parts of the body need better movement to do their job, and when a person is lying down or sitting all day, it makes emptying their bladder more difficult.


Not only does that lead to discomfort, but it can also cause issues such as urinary tract infection and constipation.


A heavy-duty wheelchair with a standing feature leads to better and more regular bladder and bowel functions, protecting the person from further pain and discomfort.


3. Psychological Features


Standing wheelchairs give people the feeling of independence, knowing that their wheelchair allows them to do more than they could otherwise. A reduced need for help can lead to increased confidence.


It also allows for an easier way to transport the person to and from places. With the wheelchair taking on a part of the process, it makes handling easier for both the user and their caregiver.


Social interaction allows the user to face other people, allowing for more natural conversation.

 A confident and happy woman in a wheelchair


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