Mobility Scooter Vs. Power Wheelchair

While foldable lightweight power wheelchairs and mobility scooters have various similarities, they also have many differences. Both the wheelchairs and scooters are designed to help people that have reduced mobility when getting from point A to point B.

However, when you’re thinking about buying a wheelchair online, you need to know the differences between the power wheelchair and the mobility scooter.This will help you decide which of the two is best suited to your needs.

Let’s discuss these differences.

What’s A Power Wheelchair?

An electric power wheelchair uses batteries and are used by people with severe mobility issues. These are controlled using touch controls or a joystick that’s mounted on one of the armrests. A power wheelchair can be controlled with very little effort because of this.


Power wheelchairs are made for people with less body strength and mobility compared to mobility scooters. The compact design allows individuals to control whatever they need to without strain.


Additionally, power wheelchairs also allow for a more conformable sitting for prolonged periods. These highly customized wheelchairs are developed according to your specific needs and requirements. This means they can be as adjustable, comfortable, and supportive as you want.


What’s A Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters are battery-powered machines that can be controlled using handlebars and mounted switches. You can alter speed and the direction while operating these. Mobility scooters are popular among people who struggle with mobility. Moreover, these scooters are divided into separate classes, and some of these can be used on roads as well.


Compared to a power wheelchair, a mobility scooter is easy to use for people who have never ridden one before. They’re particularly designed for outdoor use giving you enough flexibility to move around wherever you want.


These scooters are also good to use for people who are non-disabled and help them maintain a comfortable position over longer sitting periods.


Which One Should You Choose?

When you compare the two mobility machines head-to-head, it can be challenging to choose one as both offer several benefits. Generally, mobility scooters are recommended for people who are non-disabled or those who have limited mobility instead of those with no mobility. On the other hand, power wheelchairs are better suited for people who require extra effort.

 A person sitting on a power wheelchair

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