Physical Activities for People with Disabilities—A Guide

Research suggests that promoting physical activity for disabled individuals builds confidence, reduces anxiety, and boosts mood, allowing disabled people to lead healthy and happy lives. In addition, physical activity improves stamina and muscle strength, reduces joint swelling, and promotes an overall feeling of well-being. However, due to the lack of proper mobility products, like lightweight transport wheelchairs, many disabled people can’t participate in physical activities.

But we can help you change that! Here’s a guide to engaging in physical activities for people with disabilities.

A disabled person throwing a basketball sitting in a folding wheelchair

Always Consult Your Doctor

The first step of being physically active as a disabled individual is to consult your doctor. A medical specialist can help disabled people construct a schedule for physical activities based on their abilities, strength, and other factors.

In addition, a doctor can advise you about the intensity of physical activity you should do. Disabled individuals can also discuss the duration of every exercise session with their doctor. Moreover, doctors can also help disabled individuals find new exercises they might like.

We also recommend visiting your doctor for a checkup after the initial exercise to ensure that the physical activity didn’t negatively impact your health. You should do this every time you increase your exercise intensity or participate in a new physical activity.

Overcome Barriers

While we understand that you want to participate in high-intensity exercises, it’s important to realize that you might face some barriers while doing exercises, especially aerobic exercises. However, here are some options you should consider to overcome any barriers.

  • Find a safe space to do physical activity.
  • Ask a close friend or family member to accompany you during your exercise sessions. Having a supportive exercise partner or someone to look out for you while you work out will make a huge difference. Moreover, consider joining a social support program for disabled people, where you can exercise with other individuals.
  • Look for fitness and health professionals that help people participate in physical activities. A coach or trainer is necessary if you want to join a sport like wheelchair basketball.

Consider Your Options

If you’re just starting out, learn about different sports or activities you can do in your area. Here are a few physical activities for people with limited mobility.

  • Wheelchair basketball, tennis, or softball
  • Hiking
  • Seated volleyball
  • Wheelchair races
  • Rowing
  • Horseback riding
  • Brisk walking
Disabled individual using a reclining wheelchair in a race


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