Power Wheelchairs – Pros and Cons

Power wheelchairs are an excellent tool to add more mobility for those that have difficulty getting around. They provide a great deal of convenience with their intuitive controls, faster movement speed, and easy maneuverability. But are they worth it? Here are their pros and cons:


Easier Mobility for Longer Routes

Using a standard wheelchair for short trips is fine, but as the distance increases, so does the fatigue. Moving the wheels around physically can be exhausting after a while, especially as it requires a fair bit of force. For traveling on longer routes, it might not be suitable to use an ordinary wheelchair.

A user in a power wheelchair.

A power wheelchair has a mechanized system that doesn't require you to do any heavy lifting. Simply control the wheelchair's movement with the onboard controls, making those detailed itineraries a breeze.

Greater Independence

Now and then, a person might feel a bit exhausted from moving around the standard wheelchair and can require someone else's help to help them stay mobile. On the contrary, movement is almost effortless with the extended level of controls that power wheelchairs offer. They come with different kinds of controls, and you can pick one that works best for you.

No longer do you need someone else to push you around when getting anywhere. They're also fit for driving over rough terrain, so more areas become accessible to you.



Because of the battery and mechanisms attached to helping the wheelchair move on its own, power wheelchairs are fairly heavier compared to their counterparts. Because of this, they’re harder to transport, and it can be difficult to fit them in your car. Many wheelchair users will also have great difficulty in moving them into.Rear view of a user in a power wheelchair.


Maintenance and Care

Power wheelchairs are intricate devices and have sensitive parts that require proper care and attention. They have to be looked after to maintain optimal performance. Their batteries, in particular, need to be regularly charged and/or replaced depending on the requirement.

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