The Health Benefits of Using Standing Wheelchairs

A standing wheelchair from Fatima Mobility

Most wheelchair users spend much of their time seated in their chairs. As helpful as this mobility aid may be, it can affect drastically affect their health, leading to numerous health issues for wheelchair users.

However, standing wheelchairs have emerged as a convenient and healthy alternative to regular ones. Let's explore some health benefits of these wheelchairs.

Improved Breathing Function

You'd be surprised to know this but regular wheelchairs can jeopardize an individual's respiratory functioning since it restricts the upper body's functioning.

However, with standing wheelchairs, you can stay up in an upright position, keeping your spine stabilized. Moreover, this reduces the overall pressure on your body, improving oxygen and blood flow in the body. As a result, your respiratory function will get better while using a standing wheelchair.

Improves Blood Flow

Standing can automatically enhance your blood flow. Why? Because standing up will improve the function of respiratory and circulatory systems, allowing the latter to transfer oxygen more efficiently.

Moreover, your blood flow is usually restricted if you spend most of your day sitting. However, if you constantly switch to a standing position, blood flows to your lower limbs, ensuring optimal blood flow throughout the body.

Standing Wheelchair Enhances Bladder & Bowel Function

Gravity plays a crucial role in how the excretory system works. An upright position can help clear the bowel and bladder quickly. When you use a standing wheelchair, you won't just improve your bladder and bowel function but also avoid infections, and bladder and kidney stones.

Pressure Ulcers

One of the most common problems wheelchair users face is pressure ulcers or bedsores. As the name suggests, pressure ulcers occur due to repeated pressure on the skin and can damage the skin and tissues around the affected region.

Generally, these cover the bones such as ankles, hips, shoulder blades, etc. An effective way to prevent these ulcers is by correcting your posture as this ensures you don't apply constant pressure on your skin.

Luckily, you can avoid such issues by using standing wheelchairs and you can shift your position, reducing the overall pressure on one area of the body.

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