The Importance of Physical Activity for Children with Disabilities

Exercise can benefit every child regardless of their physical ability. But it's no exaggeration that children with disabilities may benefit more from physical activities than their peers. Exercise not only improves their health and wellbeing, but it's also essential for their development.

Here's how children with disabilities can benefit from regular exercise. 

Exercise Strengthens Bones

Most adults start losing bone density when they hit their 20s, but those who regularly exercise have a higher bone density.

This is important as it can help prevent issues like osteoporosis from a young age.

Exercise Improves Heart and Lung Health

When you exercise, your heart and lungs work harder to supply the additional oxygen needed by your body and muscles. This boost of oxygen and nutrients strengthens heart muscles improves heart health. 

This also improves lung capacity and its efficiency in circulating in and out of the body. This means that your child's body gets more oxygen.

Improves Physical and Mental Balance

Children with disabilities can positively channel their pent-up energy and develop self-control through sports and other physical activities. This is essential for their cognitive development and mental wellbeing.

Exercise Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

When your child exercises, body cells use more glucose to produce energy. This prevents glucose from accumulating and can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Exercise Promotes Social and Emotional Development

Physical activities can help children with disabilities become more social. Exercising regularly also promotes social and emotional development in children.

Exercise and physical activity also calm your child and bring them a sense of wellness because it releases endorphins. During exercise, our body also sees a boost in serotonin. This neurotransmitter also improves our wellbeing, mental health and increases appetite.

 A child participating in adapted sports

Exercise Motivates and Boosts Energy Levels

Exercise helps your child feel more energetic, helping them lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. Moreover, this boost of energy and motivation develops into perseverance.

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