The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Wheelchair

For many disabled people, choosing a wheelchair is a critical life decision. However, the market has so many options for mobility products that deciding which wheelchair to buy can be confusing. Most people don’t know the features they need, so we’re here to help!


Here are some factors to consider before making a decision.

A person using a laptop in a heavy-duty wheelchair

Body Measurements for Better Comfort

That lightweight wheelchair that your favorite disabled athlete uses might not be a suitable option for you. Everyone has different body measurements, and we recommend you consider the measurements of every body part to choose a wheelchair that’s comfortable and safe.

The overall width of your wheelchair should be less than most passageways in your house so you don’t get stuck moving around. In addition, you should find a wheelchair with a backrest that matches the width of your back for a comfortable experience. You also need to consider seat depths and back-to-floor height to get the wheelchair that offers a comfortable experience!

Consider Your Body Type and Weight

Again, you can’t purchase a wheelchair for people who don’t have the same weight as you. Every wheelchair supports a different weight limit, and we urge you to research which wheelchair will be a better choice according to your weight. Some people also get customized bariatric chairs or wheelchairs made from heavy material for maximum support.

How Often Will You Use Your Wheelchair?

Do you plan on using your wheelchair every day? Or do you need it occasionally? The answer to these two questions significantly impacts the final wheelchair choice. Full-time users must use an automatic or electric wheelchair, especially if they don’t have anyone to push them around. However, part-time users with a caretaker can also work with a regular manual wheelchair or transport wheelchair.

How Often Do You Travel?

If you travel a lot, we suggest purchasing more than one wheelchair. Travelers should consider a lightweight, portable transport wheelchair that they can transport them through airplanes or public transport systems. In addition, an extra wheelchair allows them to use different wheelchairs at home and on trips, making maintenance easier.

Person in a lightweight wheelchair, sharing drinks with other people

With the right mobility product by your side, you can achieve anything! At Fatima Mobility, we have a wide variety of all kinds of wheelchairs. From a foldable lightweight power chair to a bariatric wheelchair, you can find a wheelchair that will be your partner in everything!


Buy a wheelchair online through our website, and see your life changing!