Things to Consider Before Buying Mobility Products Online

Online retailing was already becoming increasingly popular before the pandemic. Ever since the pandemic started, more people have turned to online shopping.


So with people already purchasing so many of their products online, you may be wondering whether you should look to purchase your mobility products online too. Well, here are all the things you should consider before you make your online purchase:

1. What Brands Are Available?



Whether you purchase online or in a brick-and-mortar retail store, the standard brands in an industry remain the same. You need to have access to those brands so that you can purchase quality products.


When buying mobility products online, you should ensure that the website has products from top manufacturers such as Karman and Vive available, since products from these brands are likely to be higher quality.


2. What About the Prices?


Sometimes you'll find products such as heavy-duty wheelchairs that are cheaper on one website, and other times there'll be products that are cheaper on other websites. The trick is to not rush into the purchase and to look around until you're satisfied with the price.


One of the benefits of buying wheelchairs and rollators online is that you can check the prices offered by all stores while sitting at home. Check out the prices at prominent online retailers before making a purchase.


Additionally, you should look for price match and financing options. Some retailers, like us, offer a price match feature where they refund you the difference between their price and another retailer's price.


With financing options, you'd be able to split the purchasing cost into separate installments, thus lowering the burden on your cash flow.


3. Returns and Exchanges


Always look for a generous returns policy when purchasing online. With a traditional store, you can simply take products such as a malfunctioning reclining wheelchair back to the store, but with online retailers, you need to know that you'll receive support in case there's something wrong with the product.


Ensure that the site you're purchasing from has a returns and exchange policy that allows you to test the product. If there's an issue with the equipment, you should be able to send it back and get a refund or an alternate product.


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