Treating Pain with Heat and Cold? A Guide to Help You Out

Pain comes in many forms and intensities. The most common types include musculoskeletal, chronic, acute, and neuropathic pain. However, treating any kind of pain can be challenging, and OTC medication like Paracetamol or Tylenol doesn’t work every time.

While we strongly advise readers to seek professional assistance in case of severe pain, we want to educate you about an old-school yet highly effective method of pain relief.

Hot and cold pain relief treatment has been a popular, non-pharmacological pain-reducing practice for ages. Technology and medical advancements have surely made it better and more effective.

Is Hot and Cold Therapy Difficult?

In our opinion, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to hot and cold pain therapy. All you need are proper tools and a firm grasp of its basics.

However, seek an expert opinion if you or a loved one is currently dealing with a medical problem that causes nerve, muscle, or joint pain. Physiotherapists and doctors often recommend their patients practice hot and cold therapy for pain relief.

In this blog, Fatima Mobility’s team has touched on all the nitty-gritty aspects of hot and cold pain therapy. Our product range includes home care, mobility equipment and exercise equipment for people with movement difficulties.

Today, we’ll tell about the what, why, how, and when aspects of hot and cold pain treatment. Continue reading to gain useful insights about performing hot and cold therapy.

What is Hot and Cold Therapy?

First things first, let’s talk about the meaning of hot and cold therapy.  

The hot and cold pain relief technique is a mix of hot and cold components to soothe muscles and nerves. It consists of ice packs, hot water bottles, pressure mats, sitz salt baths, heating pads, cold compresses, and ice water. You must hit the sweet spot between the cold and hot components to attain maximum pain relief.

Hot water bottle for pain relief

In some cases, however, either cold or hot therapy is used to minimize body pain. Some conditions call for hot therapy, such as back inflammation, whereas cold therapy may be effective at relieving dental pain.

Let’s dig deeper to understand when to use hot vs. cold therapy for pain relief.

Treating Chronic Pain with Hot and Cold Therapy

Chronic pain refers to recurring discomfort in any part of your body. This type of pain requires you to test both hot and cold therapies and check which one works better. Your medical advisor can help you make a better decision. However, you can also try both techniques at home without medical supervision.

Hot pain relief works like magic on sore muscles. It’s most effective when performed before going out for a walk or exercise while dealing with chronic back pain. Hot therapy can soothe your skin and improve blood flow, ultimately improving joint movements.

And once you’re done exercising, apply cold compressors or an ice pack to the pain-affected area to prevent any new spasms. All in all, cold and hot therapies go hand-in-hand. All you need to do is seek professional help or opinion before trying anything new.

A bed pressure mat for patients

Hot and Cold Therapy for Persons With Disability

Hot and cold therapy is also ideal for individuals in wheelchairs or beds. Disabled patients require routine pain management and hot and cold therapy can do the trick. Prolonged sitting or lying down increases the risks of chronic and acute pain. Try hot and cold therapy to help your loved one stay comfortable and relaxed using their mobility aid equipment.  

Professional Interference: When Do You Need One?

Hot and cold therapy is generally considered an OTC method for pain relief. However, in some cases, you’re advised to consult with a doctor before using an ice pack or a hot water bottle.

Here’s when you should talk to a healthcare professional:

  • Mobility aid involvement
  • Heart condition
  • Vascular pain
  • Sensitive skin that reacts to hot and cold easily
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Cancer or tumor history
  • Skin problems such as eczema or dermatitis

The above issues make it difficult for patients to benefit from hot and cold therapy.

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Is Hot and Cold Therapy Only for Pain Relief?

Definitely not. The therapy is equally suitable for relieving pain and spasms caused by minor injuries, cuts, and bruises.

Remember when your mother or granny used an ice pack when you came home from the park with a scratched knee? Or when the dentist asked you to use an ice pack after a denture removal? These are some common examples of using a cold treatment for pain relief.

So whenever you experience a bruise, cut, or dental pain, try putting an ice pack over the affected area for instant pain relief.  

A girl in an electric wheelchair

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Disclaimer: This blog does not provide medical advice. The information, images, and graphics are for informational/awareness purposes. Always talk to your medical services provider before undertaking a new treatment or healthcare regimen.