Walker vs. Rollator: Which Is the Best Walking Aid for You?

Walkers and rollators are both popular mobility aids that can help people move around freely and enjoy an active lifestyle. It's a suitable device for people with a balance-impairing condition, weak leg strength, orthose recovering from aninjury or surgery.

But knowing the right mobility product for your needs can be tricky to accomplish. This blog will help you buy the best walking aid that best suits your needs.

What Is A Walker?

A walker is a stable mobility aid that supports balance and partially supports body weight. A walker has a frame with four legs and is available in wheeled and non-wheeled versions.

Non-wheeled walkers are suitable devices for people who need help with their balance as it equally distributes the user's weight and provides a solid base of support. However, it has to be maneuvered by picking up, which isn't always feasible for people with less arm strength.

In comparison, wheeled walkers have two front wheels, making them easily maneuverable.

Walkers don't have accessories like a seat or a pouch, but you can add pouches or baskets, depending on your needs.

What Is A Rollator?

A rollator is a mobile stability aid that has wheels attached to the end of its legs. You can get a rollator in three- or four-wheel versions. They can easily be moved around without the need to lift them up. Unlike walkers, these have more stylish designs with a pivoting wheel at the end of every leg and a seat. Rollators are heavier than walkers because of their different styles, wheels, and brake system and can't offer full support for balance.

It can squeeze into smaller spaces and has higher maneuverability. Four-wheeled rollators offer more stability, mobility, and increased walking speed. They also have accessories like a seat to help you rest and often a basket.

Walkers VS Rollators

Now that you know the difference between walkers and rollators, how do you choose which one you need?


Walkers offer stable support and help the user walk at a slower pace. They are also fantastic to help support balance and provide a support base. This is because it increases the point of contact with the supporting surface.

If you need strong, stable support when moving around, you should use a walker. If you don't need to use a wheelchair but still need help moving from your bedroom to the kitchen, use a walker.

A walker-user and attendant walking down the road


Rollators are more of an aid to help you maintain your balance. They are ideal for users who can walk but need a little help with balance. They can't offer much stability and support,but they can help you walk at a quicker pace and improve your gait. Rollators are also great If your arms or grip is weak.

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