Ways to Stay Active Despite Mobility Issues

A large number of people in the United States suffer from mobility issues. Mobility problems are by no means the end of the world, and people going through them can still maintain a happy and healthy life, contributing as much as anyone to society. Unfortunately, people with mobility issues can often go through a lethargic phase which can damage their health.

A young woman in a wheelchair.

But despite the condition, there are various exercises and routines that people can take on to maintain their health despite limited mobility. Here are some of the recommended methods:

Strength Training

Just because someone’s in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they can’t pump iron. Experts recommend a fair bit of strength and resistance training, as it can help prevent falls and improve muscle tone in the region that you can still properly operate. If you can’t use your legs, you can condition your core and upper body by lifting some weights.

Flexibility Exercises

People in wheelchairs often complain about pain due to long periods of sitting down. The best solution is to take on some flexibility exercises. These relieve some of the regions that grow stiff from constantly being seated. By taking on some stretching exercises and yoga, people in wheelchairs can experience an increase in range of motion and better control over their bodies.

It also helps undo some of the damage done to the body from being seated for longer periods.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises consist of those workout routines that get the heart rate up. These are particularly helpful for increasing your endurance in the long run. One of the more popular exercises for people in wheelchairs includes bouncing a medicine ball against a wall. It’s a great workout for the heart and gives your arms some endurance training.

You can also incorporate weights into the mix and improve your cardiovascular health. With enough practice, you’ll experience being able to use a manual wheelchair for longer durations.

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