What are the World’s Most Wheelchair Accessible Tourist Spots?

Having a disability and sitting in a transport wheelchair doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life. In fact, the world has many disability-friendly tourist spots where you can travel while sitting in a wheelchair. Seems impossible, right? But governments all over the world are becoming more disability-friendly with every passing day, and the introduction of accessible tourist spots is just the beginning.

Here are the world’s most accessible tourist spots every wheelchair user can visit.

 Person visiting a tourist spot in a wheelchair

Barcelona, Spain

Another wheelchair-accessible city rich in culture is the city of Barcelona. The buses in Barcelona are 100% wheelchair accessible, prioritizing the mobility of disabled citizens. The city also has multiple accessible walkways, where wheelchair users can avoid cobblestones pathways.

Many medieval places in Barcelona have accessible entryways and paths, and a wheelchair user won’t be missing out on anything. In addition, most wheelchair users love the Barcelona port as cruises offer multiple wheelchair-friendly options. Just enter a cruise, and embark on a beautiful journey across the Mediterranean Sea.

Hong Kong

Around 50-60 million people visit Hong Kong every year and enjoy the fantastic Hong Kong street food while looking at the traditional architecture. However, do you know that Hong Kong is also one of the most wheelchair-accessible tourist spots worldwide? The public transportation system, including the buses, and the subways are wheelchair accessible, allowing disabled travelers to travel the cities affordably and conveniently.

In addition, since Hong Kong is an island, many places are accessible through ferries. Multiple ferries like the Star Ferry at Victoria Harbor are wheelchair accessible and take travelers on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. If you’re looking forward to traveling to Asia while sitting in a wheelchair, Hong Kong is the place to go to!

Sydney, Australia

This Australian city prides itself on having multiple wheelchair-accessible tourist spots. For instance, Coogee Beach has a wheelchair-accessible walkway, giving travelers a fantastic view of the coastline and marine life. In addition, the famous Royal Botanical Garden has many wheelchair-accessible entry points, restrooms, and paths.

And, of course, people coming to Sydney must visit the Sydney Opera House, another wheel-chair accessible spot. This tourist point offers companion seating, wheelchair seating, and more.

 The Sydney Opera House has special seating for wheelchair users

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