What Type of Wheelchair Is Best For Your Needs

A woman exercising in a wheelchair.

Your wheelchair is more than just a mobility aid; it is an extension of your body. The wheelchair you choose should be the best you can get according to your needs, whether you are using it or temporarily or in the long term. The wheelchairs have evolved over time and gone are the days when one had to be moved around in a manual wheelchair. Now your wheelchair can be your strength and not your weakness.

Its 2022 and you have a whole world of opportunity in front of you. You can even get a customized wheelchair for your needs, but how do you decide what your needs might be? There are certain factors you can utilize to determine the kind of wheelchair you need. This post will help you find the perfect wheelchair.

1.      How long will I be in the wheelchair?

Wheelchairs can be used for a few weeks when recovering from an injury or operation or for years to come. You have to think about the investment you’re making. If you will use this wheelchair for more than 6 months, you should look into high-end brands that have multiple features like a reclining wheelchair.

If you’re looking something that can be used for under 6 months, a manual or heavy duty wheelchair will do just fine.

Old women in wheelchairs.

2.      How much do I travel?

If you work at an office or an organization where you have to drive to work, if you are a mother who has to run to the store for groceries or if you are a photographer that has to move with the models, you need a lightweight power lifting wheelchair.

These will provide you maximum independence, you will be as strong and fast as you can be in these wheelchairs.

3.      Do I have someone to help me?

If you’re an elderly person with arthritis, Parkinson’s or an autoimmune disease, you would definitely require a wheelchair that is light weight.

Since you may not have the strength to propel yourself forward all the time, you need to ask yourself; do I have someone to help me? If yes, then you can manage in a lightweight manual chair, but if not you can use an electric wheelchair.

4.      What are my height, weight and shape?

One of the most important questions you have to ask yourself; am I underweight or am I overweight? Will I be able to reach tables and countertops when seated in a wheelchair?

If you have a normal BMI and you are tall enough to reach most tables; then you shouldn’t invest in a power wheelchair. You can do just fine in a manual wheelchair.

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