Wheelchair Related Injuries and How to Avoid Them

According to surveys, around 2.7 million American citizens use a wheelchair to move around safely. These disabled, elderly, or ill wheelchair users rely on mobility products to carry out daily life activities. Wheelchairs are meant to reduce the risk of further injuries or falls for people who have limited mobility. But do you know that if you don't follow transport wheelchair safety tips, you can experience more injuries while sitting in a wheelchair?

Here's what you need to know about these injuries and how you can prevent them.

Person looking at a person sitting in a foldable wheelchair

What are Some Common Wheelchair Injuries?

Here are some common wheelchair-related injuries:

  • Shoulder, arm, forearm, elbow, or wrist injury
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tissue and nerve damage

Besides these wheelchair-related injuries, a wheelchair fall can also result in severe injuries like fractures.

Causes of Wheelchair Injuries

But the real question that arises here is how do people sitting in a wheelchair sustain injuries and how you can avoid them. Here are some causes of wheelchair-related injuries and how you can fix them to keep wheelchair users safe.

Leaving the Brakes Unlocked

One of the most common reasons for wheelchair Injuries is leaving the brakes unlocked while getting in and out of a wheelchair. With unlocked brakes, wheelchairs keep moving, increasing the risk of a fall and injury for the wheelchair users. Therefore, it's crucial to lock or apply the brakes before moving a wheelchair user.

Leaving People in Wheelchairs Unattended

While we understand that most wheelchair users strive to be independent, they still require some supervision. Leaving a wheelchair user unattended can increase the risk of wheelchair injuries as they might fall out and not get immediate help.

Sliding Out of a Wheelchair

You might be surprised to hear this, but another common reason for wheelchair Injuries is the wheelchair user sliding out of a wheelchair. This happens when the wheelchair doesn't fit the user properly, and they keep moving around in their seat.

Moreover, if the seat isn't deep enough, a wheelchair user will lean forward, falling off the wheelchair. The best way to minimize the risk of sliding off is to buy a wheelchair that fits the user's size perfectly. In addition, you can also use a wheelchair safety belt to keep the user secure in a wheelchair.

A foldable wheelchair user working on a laptop

You can prevent wheelchair-related injuries by following these safety tips. At Fatima Mobility, you can buy wheelchairs online and get them customized to your size to stay safe while sitting in a wheelchair. Moreover, you can also buy mobility products and accessories like wheelchair belts for added protection. Buy affordable power-up wheelchairs online today.