Why You Need To Get Sports Wheelchair For Your Teenager

A boy on a wheelchair playing basketball with a girl

Staying active is one of the ways to ensure good physical health and mental well-being. People who participate in more physical activities develop a stronger cardiovascular system, healthier lungs, and have better mental health. This is why encouraging children to participate in sports is important – it helps them positively channel their emotions, teaches them teamwork, and helps them develop stronger bones and muscles at an early age.

However, when children are afflicted with limited mobility, participating in sports becomes difficult. There are about 2.7 million wheelchair users in the US. Excluding children with limited mobility from sports and other activities affects their mental health, makes them feel inferior and prohibits integration into mainstream spaces.

This is why teachers and family members need to come together and motivate these children to learn how to play sports from a wheelchair. Here are some of the benefits of getting a sports wheelchair for your teenager.

Boosting Their Self-esteem

Adolescence is a tricky time where everyone is trying to fit in. Teenagers with mobility issues have to go through an extra struggle trying to find their place in society. Introducing them to a sports wheelchair will help them channel these enraging emotions in the field. They will develop leadership skills, spend less time thinking negative thoughts, and more time exercising their muscles. Their motor and physical skills like finding balance and coordination will be enhanced as well.

Improved Sleep

Children with disabilities often find it hard to sleep. But when they take part in physical activities and sports, the quality of their sleep will be much better. They will be tired and want to rest.

Better Bowel Movement

It is very common for wheelchair users to have problems with their urinary tract and have trouble with bowel movement. But being physically active has various health benefits like reduced constipation, less chance of UTIs, and better bowel movement.

A Better Social Life

Teenagers with limited mobility find it very hard to make friends. Once they join a sports team, they will meet new people every day. They will have healthier interactions with their team members and even meet people with the same physical impairment.

Boy on wheelchair holding a basketball

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