Your Guide to Walking Safely Using a Cane

a person walking with a cane

If you have mobility issues, a cane can be a helpful tool for you. However, using a cane as a beginner can seem tricky. Usually, beginners struggle with maintaining their balance when walking with a cane. As a result, they can end up injuring themselves.

Today, we've prepared a guide to help you walk safely using a cane.

For Beginnersa person holding a cane

  1. Hold the cane in the hand opposite to the side needing support.
  2. Position your cane slightly to the side, placing it 2 inches forward.
  3. Move the caneforward while simultaneously stepping forward with your affected leg.
  4. Keep the cane steady while you walk forward with your healthy leg.

When you're learning to walk with your cane, it's best to have someone by your side to support you. Remember, only start practicing when you're confident enough. Moreover, don't hesitate to ask your loved ones if you need assistance.

How to Walk On the Stairs Using a Cane?

Walking on the stairs with a cane can be complicated for most beginners. So, make sure you're extra cautious while navigating through the stairs. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Keep a firm grip on the handrail for support.
  • Use your unaffected leg to step forward for additional support.
  • Place your cane on the next step while walking down the stairs.
  • Next, move your unaffected leg onto the step when climbing up the stairs, followed by your other leg. However, for walking down the stairs, use your affected leg first to step down, followed by your other leg.

Sitting Down In a Chair

The golden rule to cane safety is sitting in chairs with armrests. This ensures you have plenty of support to lift yourself up. Some helpful tips may include:

  • Stand in front of the chair, with the chair's seat touching your leg's back.
  • Keep a hand on the cane and the other on the chair's armrest if you're using a single-tip one.
  • Carefully lower yourself onto the chair.

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