Your Guide to Walking Safely with a Rollator

In the past, people relied on simple assistive devices like walkers, canes, and manual wheelchairs. However, the market of mobility products for sale has evolved, and users prefer buying products that offer the latest features and more comfort. One of these relatively new mobility products is rollators.

A Vive health rollator walker

What are Rollators?

Rollators are an advanced version of the standard walkers, but the major difference lies in the wheels. Rollators have wheels underneath all the legs, allowing elderly and disabled people to walk with minimum effort. In addition, rollators have a seat where rollator users can sit down and relax when they get tired. This mobility product also has brakes, allowing disabled and elderly people more control over the wheels' movements.

However, like all other mobility products, rollator users can also get into an accident if they aren't careful while using a rollator. But don't worry; we can help! Here's your guide to walking safely with a rollator.

Standing Up from the Rollator Chair

Using a rollator usually comprises three different activities. The first one is standing up using a rollator. Start by engaging the brakes, sitting on the rollator seat and placing your feet on the ground. Once you're sitting on your rollator seat, place both hands on the edge of the seat or the armrests and stand up slowly without putting too much pressure on the rollator.

If you put all of your weight on the rollator, it can tip over. Once you're in a standing position, take a few minutes to maintain your balance. Disengage the brakes once you're ready.

Sitting Down on the Rollator Chair

The next step is to sit down on the rollator chair safely. For this, you have to stand directly in front of the rollator, with your back facing the rollator. Ensure that your legs almost touch the rollator and that you're stable enough before sitting on the chair.

Engage the brakes and bend slightly forward as you lower yourself. You can reach behind and place your hand on the armrest to support yourself when sitting down. Lower yourself until you're seated on the chair.

Walking Using a Rollator

The first step of walking using a rollator is to ensure that the path ahead is clear. Any object in the way could tip over your rollator, increasing the chances of an accident. Maintain your balance and place the rollator in front of you before taking a step forward.

Start walking by gently rolling the rollator and keeping it as close to you as possible. If you have trouble being stable, we recommend taking short steps and holding the rollator tightly for additional support.

 An outdoor rollator with a low seat

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